Christmas: An Accumulation Of Traditions That Unite Families

Christmas is a time of love and reconciliation, but it is also a set of traditions to unite families.

Throughout history, Christmas has had religious significance for thousands of people around the world; However, even those who do not have an active religious life or do not practice any creed, celebrate it, this because they grew up in families that took advantage of this holiday to reconnect with their loved ones – friends or relatives – that they had not seen for a long time.

Little has changed, and although today there is a lot of emphasis on giving gifts (expensive or not), the traditions of our ancestors are still alive for those of us who do not see at Christmas the mere fact of receiving gifts, if not the opportunity to meet again and re establish bonds of love that sometimes become weak due to the force of time or misunderstandings.

That is why on this occasion, and with a view to these beautiful dates, I have wanted to make a compilation of Christmas traditions that unite families.

The Christmas tree decoration

Although many families begin to decorate their house from the last week of November in some countries, others begin their decorative projects the first week of December and this begins with the decoration of the tree.

In Colombia, for example, for years families used to go into the forests and mountains to select a dry tree branch of a size that they considered appropriate, which many sometimes painted white or left it natural, it « they sowed “in a pot with soil (as if it were a living plant) and then proceeded to place their ornaments on it.

Now, the common thing is to buy an artificial tree or decorate a house plant as a “Christmas tree”, but what has not changed is the fact that most of the family gathers around this tradition.

The birth

The birth or manger is traditional in the homes of Latin America and in other parts of the world. It consists of making a representation of the small town of Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born; Around this the families and neighbors gather -from December 16 and every night until the 24th- to make a novena of Christmas bonuses (Colombia) although in other parts they make posadas, as in Mexico.

This tradition also tends to bring together many people who take advantage of this time to make new friends or even to forget and forgive old quarrels because in the heat of the songs and the brotherhood that is transmitted, any offense is forgotten.

Christmas lights

This tradition is a little more recent and arose thanks to the efforts of some state governments interested in making their cities beautiful and attractive places for these times of celebration.

In Colombia it has become a custom to go out with the family to visit all the night spots decorated with multicolored lights, an event that lends itself to sowing the memory of beautiful memories in the memories of young and old.

Christmas dinner

Basically we could say that it is about getting together as a family to eat Christmas dishes prepared for that occasion of celebration; However, it goes further, since in many homes families gather to prepare delicious dishes from days before December 24 or very early that day.

readHappy families do have history

At home, at least we usually start preparing custard and fritters from the morning, my father is in charge of bringing the main dish consisting of stuffed chicken and together we give thanks for the favors received in prayer, we eat and share a pleasant moment before “Baby Jesus is born.”

Present delivery

Many families tend to give gifts, expensive or not, that depends on each one, but the essence is to spend a pleasant moment together.

Another tradition that has emerged recently is that of giving Christmas and the night of the 24th a more spiritual and much less material context, with which entire families come together to pray, share moments and memories of joy, thus trying to teach to children that Christmas is much more than receiving a gift and it is time to give love and be happy beyond the material.

New Years Eve celebration

Tonight is also a good time to get together as a family to say goodbye to the past year and welcome one full of hopes of prosperity and love.

Many dine and share memories and moments in the heat of the lights of the nativity scene and Christmas tree, others dance and celebrate sharing with friends and neighbors small plates with some food and sweets while they arrive at 12 at night to hug and express themselves. your love and good wishes for the coming year.

I am sure that no matter how difficult the year has been for you and yours, there is always something to rescue and remember with love, because even the hardest moments leave a lesson worth remembering and sharing with loved ones.

I wish you a very happy Christmas season.

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