Choose For Christmas Gifts That Last

Have you already thought about possible Christmas gifts? Are you tired of children spending five minutes with a toy, and already want another? In this article we offer you other proposals to put on the tree.

When the Christmas season arrives, parents begin to think about gifts for children. If you ask them what they want, they will usually say: tech gifts or toys. But we know that sometimes the most desired gift is transformed, in minutes, into one of the many. This happens because the child gets bored very quickly, and immediately looks for something else to entertain him. And we see with disappointment that we have spent a lot of money for nothing.

Technological gifts, on the other hand, although they provide certain benefits, often cause children to spend hours and hours in front of the screens, hypnotized, missing the opportunity to experiment with real life. Some time ago I was talking with a friend and my mother about internet games, and we said that when we were little, our activities were real: the game of preparing food with dirt and water. Instead, girls now cook on the computer through virtual games, in which they have no contact with reality. There must be a balance; For this reason, it is increasingly necessary to detect if you have a child addicted to video games.

Returning to the theme of gifts, this Christmas let’s think about a different option: make it educational, useful, fun and use it for a long time. There are various gifts that we can make to children, and they are not toys; for example:


Buy a compact disc with your favorite tracks. We can also give them music that they don’t know, from other countries and cultures. In this way we encourage children to listen to varied and quality melodies. There are numerous activities that we can do with music, such as playing or dancing. With this we will achieve that the family is integrated and we will live unforgettable moments.


It is an excellent option. It is useful and lasts over time. Children always need new clothes as they grow up too fast.

PowerPoint Presentations

You can make a presentation with photographs that will remain as a wonderful memory. Use beautiful music and allusive phrases for this. A good idea is to divide into two groups and make fun surprise presentations to see on the same Christmas Eve.

Craft toy

A game of wit; for example, a puzzle is another excellent option. By giving regional toys, on the one hand, we contribute to the economy of our country and, on the other, we stimulate the creativity of our children. They will stay entertained for a long time trying to solve the game, and it will be a great contribution to their development.

A pet

As long as it’s right for your family, the pet makes a beautiful gift. Your children will learn to be responsible for another living being and will have a new friend. There are hundreds of dogs and cats waiting to be adopted.

Do it by yourself

If you like crafts, you can make gifts yourself, such as this domino

made with stones.

readA Christmas without presents


This is a fantastic gift. By giving it as a gift you are giving your children the opportunity to travel to unknown and fascinating places, a good contribution to their knowledge and a fabulous food for the soul. And it is one of my favorite options to share on a rainy afternoon.

If we help children to get used to these kinds of gifts, it will be easier for us to accept them when they grow up.

A psychologist friend explained to me that, on some occasions, adults have the need to give children many gifts, and it is because we had great deficiencies in childhood. This Christmas let’s ask ourselves if we are really giving away our children or the child that we were. Another question is: are fashion toys so important, or is it more meaningful to play with our children with the simplest gift, showing them how much we love them? What do we give gifts for, to entertain them and leave us alone or because we consider it to be something that will make them happy? Therefore, spending time with them is the best gift we can give them. And it will be something that will last forever in their hearts. Do you want some ideas? Here are some fun things to do on Christmas Eve.

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