Child’s Life In Serious Danger After One Of The Caregivers Of The Nursery Put A Picture Frame On The Playpen

A photo frame, a playpen; together, two lethal weapons.

According to the story published by Fox 13, a boy from the city of Richfield, Utah, had to be urgently transported to the Hospital after the carelessness of the employee of the place.

The 22-month-old boy was in his playpen, a picture frame was placed on it, so the boy was trapped between the frame and the playpen, causing a physical injury, after being found not breathing. Paramedics exercised cardiovascular resuscitation, and charges have been placed on the personnel in charge.

Who to leave in the care of your child

Personally, as a divorced mother, I think I finally slept peacefully when my last son started school going his full six hours, while I went to work.

If you are a mother and you can stay at home caring for your children, what a wonder, since it has been proven by psychologists, sociologists and all the experts in the field, that there is nothing better for a child than being cared for by his mother, especially in the early years of age.

A study carried out by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the United States, published the follow-up that it did to more than 1000 children since 1991, observing how they have been cared for from birth to 4 and a half years.

His conclusion was as follows: “The study concludes that the children cared for in the nursery were less cooperative and had more behavior problems (aggressiveness, competitiveness, rebellion …) than those who had been cared for by their parents or other relatives” , concluding that “if there is the possibility of raising our child at home, the warmth, closeness and love of a mother (or a father) are irreplaceable.”

When you can’t stay in the mother’s care

I still remember 30 years ago when my first child was born, I worked and attended the University, and studied Psychopedagogy. In those days of youth, very committed to life, I decided to leave school and work for a year (of course I could), just to take care of my son during his first year of life. On the contrary, when my last and third child were born, things were totally different because the situation in which I found myself was different.

To begin with, he had to work, so from the age of 8 months I had to leave him under the care of a nanny, since he lived in another country and had no grandmother to count on.

Everything was going well because the person was a close friend, and from my country of origin, but that did not last long, and so began the eternal and long list of caregivers, until I got divorced, and then I considered going to work in a place of babysitting so I would be right next to him, and I did for two more years until he entered first grade, and I was finally able to sleep in peace.

How to choose the right place

Having worked in a babysitting place, from 8 months to 5 years, I can tell you
some things that you should consider when choosing the place.

  • Ask for recommendations:

While looking for a nursery, try to contact other people who know the place, read, find out more about the truth of the professionalism of the people. Do not trust what the notice says, or how things look clean and tidy.

  • Cleaning:

I assure you that cleaning and order in a nursery never ends, find out if the cleaner also works with the children. In my experience in a renowned nursery, we had to clean the bathrooms, vacuum corridors, obviously we did not do it in the best way and with the best desire.

  • The cameras:

Observe that the place has a camera, but that they work, and if you can stay the first days for half an hour observing them I worked with the babies, I had 4 beautiful girls, the parents of one of the girls, I used to ask to stay and observe how she interacted with his daughter, I found out about that some time later, because to this day I have contact with them and the girl is already 15 years old.

  • Observe your child’s behavior:

They are your eyes and ears of what happens inside, although they cannot repeat or explain it, children ALWAYS make behavior changes when something is not right.

  • What they teach:

These nurseries usually advertise that they use a known or spectacular method, the truth is that at least they are a place where you pay a lot, you can find staff prepared to apply the educational methods. In most of them you will find very good people, with experience and who like children. Remember that I am talking about nurseries, and not kindergarten, pre-school, where by law they require certified teachers.

  • Thank the staff:

Whenever you have the opportunity, be grateful that they take care of your child during those hours, and I assure you, when you work in a place like this, children cry, have small accidents, are upset, with dreams, or sometimes everyone agrees. A good caregiver also fulfills the role of a mother in that place and they deserve your gratitude.

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