Children Who Do These Things With Their Mothers For The Holidays, Extend Their Lives

Study reveals the secret to having our moms for a loooong time.

A study conducted in 2012 scientifically proved that spending more time with your mother prolongs her life.

The study, conducted to determine the damages that loneliness leaves in the elderly, analyzed 1,600 participants with an average age of 71 years. The conclusion was that those people who reported not receiving visits and feeling more lonely, died during the following 6 years after the study was carried out. In contrast, only 14 percent of those who reported not feeling lonely died during the same period.

Another different study conducted in 2010 found that love and social ties in the family are as important to the health of older people as diet and staying active are for someone who suffers from obesity.

Let’s use these holidays to create the best memories with our mothers

For those of us who still have our moms in our lives, there is still time to extend their time with us. We know that our love and companionship is as important as any diet or medicine, but sometimes we forget and don’t make it a priority. That’s why we created this list of suggestions for you to spend more quality time with the most special person in your life, your mom.

Take a day trip

Two weeks ago I had to travel to give a lecture for my work to a small town just 3 hours by car from where I live. It occurred to me to use the occasion to take the day trip with my daughters who are still little.

The 6 hour drive in the car gave us the opportunity to talk, sing, laugh, stop to rest, buy hot chocolate, and most of all, it gave us the opportunity to create a memory that will last forever.

Find your mom and take her to a nearby town or city. Use the holiday excuse to go shopping for a special gift or to get something for your Christmas tree or manger. The idea is that they go out together on a little adventure that will give their mothers something to plan, something to look forward to.

Ask your mom to help you choose gifts for your children (her grandchildren)

Grandchildren become the favorite little people of grandmothers, but many times, and without realizing it, we do not let them participate so much in their lives. My mother, who is 77 years old and lives in Argentina, was talking to me on the phone while I told her about the trip I made with my daughters. She asked me a question that she always asks me, “and what were the girls wearing?”

This time I stopped and asked her, “Mom, why is it so important for you to know what clothes they were wearing?” She replied, “So I can imagine them.” Of course it broke my heart. It was there when I realized that when I tell her what happens to us, she can only imagine it because she is not with us.

Right there I thought I had to do more with her participation, even if it is far away. So with the help of technology, I took my mom to choose Christmas gifts for my daughters. She sees them on the phone and helps me decide.

If you have your mother far or near, make her part of those sweet decisions how to choose gifts for her grandchildren.

Cook something together












People who taste what I cook say I cook like my mom. I have watched her cook thousands of times and imitate her since I was 18 years old. However, whenever I go to cook a special dish, I call her and ask her how she would do it. I don’t have her with me to cook together, but asking her how she would do it brings us closer together.

Every time I visit her in Argentina, she plans what she is going to prepare for us to eat. It is her way of continuing to “pamper us”.  

If you have your mother near or far, make a recipe with her or in her honor and ask her advice even if you already know the recipe and the steps by heart.

Ask him to tell your family about the best memories of the holidays

A couple of days ago I started chatting with a co-worker about their Christmas traditions. One of them is to watch the same movie every year and tell “the same stories.” He added, “I don’t know because even though we know the anecdotes and we know exactly what will happen in the story, every year we laugh at the same jokes and enjoy those moments.”

When I think of eternity and eternal families, I think of those memories, those stories that our ancestors left us. I think of the stories that I want to leave to my daughters for them to tell to future generations, and I think of the stories that my mother leaves me every day.

In these festive times, let your mom tell you those stories one more time, pay attention to her, imagine them with her, and let her know that those memories will not die because you will pass them on to your children and your grandchildren.

Wrap the gifts together

Wrapping gifts together is just another small example of the things you can use as a “pretext” to spend more quality time together. I know from my own experience that sometimes getting along with mom can be a challenge, that the way of seeing my mother’s life and mine sometimes couldn’t be more different, but I also know how much she loves me, and how much that I love her. And it is that love that leads me to call her every day of my life up to three times a day.

Yes, I am 40 years old and I call my mother every day, without missing one, she expects that call, and I am blessed to still be able to hear her voice on the other side of the phone.  

So for our old ladies to live many years, let’s fill them with pampering, and spend as much time with them as possible.

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