Child Readers: Entrepreneurs Of Tomorrow

If you want your children to become successful entrepreneurs, consider these steps that you can encourage in your children so that they have a taste for an activity that will lead them to success: reading.

The concerns that every parent faces regarding their children are of various kinds. But perhaps one of the most frequent is how to help children develop their full potential by studying and preparing to work on what they really like and have the capacity to do well. There are several actions that you can take to help your children, and one of the subjects that is related to the others has to do with the habit of good and meaningful reading. I have learned that if our children are good readers and have a clear understanding, they are likely to be good mathematicians, scientists, or acquire some other trade that they learn. In our home we have a motto: “We learn to read so that in the future we can read to learn.” That has had a great impact on my little ones, and perhaps the following ideas can help you to promote reading in your children:

1. Writing a weekly book report

: If there are books or magazines available in your home, it is recommended that the children make a report of the book or story they have read. In homes where there are children who like to read the newspaper, they can make a weekly report of an article they have read. This helps them read with a purpose. For example, in our home it has served us a lot because our children’s understanding has increased and we give them an award at the end of the week: if they submit two separate reports of books that they choose to read, they can watch a movie of their choice on the Saturday. This motivates them to focus their attention on school during the week, prepare a report on what they have read, and enjoy a movie that they decide to watch at the end of the week. Each family can choose the award according to their tastes and common agreement.

2. Attendance at the municipal library and membership

: If you live in a community where public libraries are available, it is a good idea to get a membership (which is generally free) for your children and for yourself. This will allow you to regularly attend the library, where children are exposed to good reading material and a wide variety of book, magazine and newspaper options. In our family, frequent use of library membership has helped children take care of books, be responsible for returning them, and enjoy the quiet environment of the library to focus on what they read and respect the time of others who they are reading.

3. Reading since they are little

: Despite the fact that today’s life sometimes forces us to fulfill work responsibilities that take our time, it is essential that our children are rewarded with a few minutes in which we read to them. This has a profound impact on their desire and motivation to read. In addition, when we read aloud to our children a story of their interest, we are correctly modeling how to read, and we show affection by taking time to share that story with them.

4. Ask comprehension questions

Something that has great value is taking a few minutes to ask your children about what they read. This activates your ability to understand. For example, some of the questions I ask my children after they have read a book are: What is the story about? Who are the main characters? What is the problem with the story? They solve it? Why (or why not) did you like this story?

These seemingly basic activities can greatly contribute to the way children strive in school, understand what they are learning, and help them decide what career they would like to pursue in order to achieve their goals. Whichever company your children decide to choose, it is worth starting by helping them be good readers to be successful entrepreneurs.

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