Child Failure, Parent Failure

If you often wonder why your children fail to advance, progress or get ahead in life, perhaps the answer is in you.

I listened to a phrase that made me reflect, coming from a father of mature age who told his son: “Your faults and defects as a son are my failure as a father.” I was saddened to hear that blunt phrase; I want to share with you some reflections on this matter, hoping that neither you, nor any mother or father, will have to live this terrible story.

1. Irresponsible son

A child who is not responsible, who does not take care of his family, who does not have a job and who lives in a fantasy world, most likely indicates with his actions that he had parents who did not know how to cultivate, create, value and teach their children the value of responsibility.

Today you are in time to prevent your child from being that irresponsible of the future: value him, advise him, learn to communicate with him. For this, it is essential that you learn to listen to their emotional needs: make yourself present in their daily events, be interested in their concerns. In a word, you have to be by his side, always.

2. Disrespectful child

A child who does not respect the norms, laws, rules, the family, the wife, the children, the people around him, reveals a family event where they did not know how to impose basic rules of coexistence and healthy limits on time ; These elements are essential to create an environment of respect for others.

How about starting to be humble and very respectful to the people around you today, so that your son follows you as a guide and example of a dignified life? You are in time to be very clear with your children and establish the norms and limits necessary to have a full life in adulthood.

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3. Greedy son

A maxim of the Christian faith is that what you have on earthly, stays here and you don’t enjoy it when you transcend. You as a parent must ensure that your children understand the fair value of things.

This simple and powerful teaching must be present in daily life and the education you give your children. Teach them the fair value of money, as a simple means to an end, because in no story of greed things end well.

4. Evil son

This is perhaps the most terrible example of how we fail as parents. Regardless of the social status you have, you should avoid at all costs that your child is disrespectful, greedy and irresponsible at the same time, because he will have a totally distorted image of reality.

So that you prevent your child from being like that, do not give him excessive pampering, do not allow his vision of the people around him to be distorted and help him to live with all kinds of people; thus you will learn to value everyone equally.

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As parents we should not judge ourselves so harshly for the failures of our children, nor should we judge them, because in addition to being useless, it no longer solves anything. However, you are in time to reflect on this issue; pay close attention to what attitudes and values ​​your children are learning at home. Take the necessary actions so that small mistakes in raising your children do not become much bigger problems when they grow up.

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