Child Causes Massive Damage In Famous Cosmetics Store; What Their Parents Did Wrong And What Many Of Us Do

The parents had to pay $1,300. If you usually take your children to supermarkets or department stores you should see this and be very careful.

This week social networks went crazy and in a few minutes they viralized the photographs taken by a woman in a very prestigious makeup store in Augusta Georgia where the lip, shadow and blush tester counter appears totally beaten, broken and made a disaster!

According to the note published in Mexico by MVS Noticias, the damages caused by the child amount to 1,300 dollars.

The witnesses who took the photos say that the mother “lost sight of” her son for only a moment, but that moment was enough for the boy to do the excesses that the photos show.

Those who published the photos at no time accused the mother or declared any insult, only “exhorted” mothers who visit this, and I would say, any type of store, to have greater supervision and care over their children.

Posta on the other hand, says that the agreement that the mother reached with the store or more details has not been made known, but honestly, no one would like to be in that woman’s shoes.

Stories like these, far from surprising us or making judgments about the mother, we must return to them to review ourselves.

Lady, take care of your children

There is NO escape, if we are the parents of a minor, we are responsible for him in every way. Nothing exempts us from this great responsibility, therefore keep these simple recommendations in mind:

Don’t let go of their hand

If children are sometimes robbed by the hand, imagine how much the risks are increased if you leave a child unsupervised in a public place. In the market, some vests with straps tied to the mother’s hand are for sale, I in particular do not agree with this type of “security” because it deceives the mother thinking that the child is “tied to her” The truth is that they get distracted and when they realize it, the boy left his vest and left.

Fasten the seat belt in the stroller or stroller

I have seen mothers pushing the stroller thinking that they are carrying their child and the little one stays behind without realizing that his mother left him.

They must never get out of your sight

Not too far, always close to them.

Do not get distracted with payments, prices or talking with friends

It is the worst thing you can do, because in those moments they can, from stealing the child or the child, doing damage as in the previous story.

It takes a whole tribe to raise a child

Many of us have already finished raising young children, we are even grandparents and others without necessarily being parents, they are uncles, teachers and in any way we interact with the minors around us because we are the adults close to them and there are two things that we can not allow:

  • Damage to the property of others

  • Harm themselves

  • Someone harm them

readWhile he was sleeping, his 9-year-old daughter spent more than US $1,000 without them noticing.

If I already know that sometimes we do not do very well when we intervene, but believe me, it is better to have tried to do something than to live with the guilt of not having done anything to avoid a misfortune.

  • How can we intervene intelligently?

  • Go kindly to the father of the family and tell him what is happening with the minor

  • Notify the responsible authority of the place

  • Act responsibly and with good judgment

And finally, if someone tells you that your child is doing something wrong, do not be angry or offended, that only shows your low level of attention to your children and that you are more concerned with making appearances than with their own safety. Be grateful and please, never neglect your children.

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