Cheating Men Have Low Iq

We knew it! Now science confirms it.

I will never tire of repeating it: your partner’s infidelity has nothing to do with you. Being unfaithful is a wrong decision that a person makes out of selfishness, pride or as a new study shows, because the person has a low IQ.

You didn’t expect that reason, did you?

Let me share with you the results of a study led by Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economic Sciences.

Dr. Kanazawa declared  that infidelity has a direct relationship with intelligence; that is, intelligent people are faithful, while those who tend to be unfaithful often have a lower IQ.

It’s clear right?

And like many things of our nature, these behaviors have to do with sexuality, or as the expert says in his study “intelligent men are more likely to value sexual exclusivity.”

Another interesting piece of information that said study revealed is that the concept of IQ is related or influenced by concepts and attitudes such as religion, political ideas or couple relationships.

Now what can we do with this information?

If you are just dating someone, you can:

1 Pay attention to the way you interact with others, with your family and friends, but especially with other women

When a man has been respectful of his mother , sisters and women in your life, chances are you can be equally respectful to your girlfriend or wife.

Is he a man who has friends for years, who knows how to keep relationships? Or do you solve your problems with yelling, violence or not showing up?

Since you go out together, does he introduce you to his friends? Does he avoid it? If he includes you in his circle of friends, the relationship is going well.

2 Know a little about their previous relationships and if they have used to be faithful

A relationship includes and is based on trust and loyalty. We can all have some relationships in our past that didn’t work out and that prepared us to make better decisions about choosing a partner. But when those relationships from the past repeatedly ended due to infidelities, we are already talking about a recurring pattern in the person.

If this is the case, go very slowly and be very clear about what you expect from the relationship.

3 Know if you are interested in politics, social issues of the community or the country or definitely not interested in any of this

An intelligent person stays informed, filters and compares information and creates his opinion based on what he knows, argues, does not fight, and is respectful of others.

A person who cares about his community and gets involved denotes more and better cognitive abilities; therefore, they are less likely to be unfaithful.

4 Know how to recognize if he is a man with firm moral and ethical principles

The downside of this is that when women already have the problem with their partner, we remember that in the past there were signs that we ignored, that we did not give them importance, and that at the same time we recognize as important and valuable.

When choosing a partner we must really recognize in her correct principles and well-founded and assimilated values ​​in her life that are reflected in her daily behavior.

When you are already married

Here things already change radically. Well, if unfortunately you have already married a man who constantly keeps you worried because you do not know when she will make a mistake again, because in the past she has given you reasons to suspect, doubt her fidelity or worse: she has already been

Now, it must be said:

We can all repent and change. Private and couples therapy can be a great help, talking with a religious, a life coach or some marital counselor can make the change. Here the important thing is to talk, that is to say it, discuss it as a couple, set limits and make decisions.

Silence it, and assume it “because it is the cross that touched me,” is not worth it. When you both work hard, things can work out and what was a problem can turn out to be a blessing.

Marriage or relationship crises are good because they make us make an effort to decide and act. The worst thing we can do when faced with one is to cower, run away or quit. Now can you see why loyalty and fidelity are an attribute of intelligence?


Infidelity is not about lack of love 

Infidelity can be forgive

And you must repeat yourself over and over again:  Your partner’s infidelity has nothing to do with you.

Being unfaithful is a wrong decision that a person makes out of selfishness, pride and now we also know because we are not very smart. It had to be said! And it was said!

I invite you to read How to deal with infidelity as a couple that can help you with this situation.

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