Chain Of Satisfactions

A very satisfying way to help people and feel very special about yourself is when you can do something for people without being asked and without expecting anything in return.

Every day at home, at work, and at school, we go through various situations, some more relevant than others. But when many emotions occur almost at the same time, a very special “something” is produced in the person who experiences them. Regarding this, I will tell you an experience:

One day when it rained heavily for a couple of hours, several places in the city where I live were flooded, causing power failures and problems with my car. Not being able to get it going, my family and I decided to go home to get tools that could help us. On the way we meet many people walking through the water. One of these people asked us how she could get to work because she did not know the city and, rather than give her an answer, we decided to accompany her. She was not far from her place of work, but as public transport was forced to find alternate routes due to the floods, she became disoriented. After leaving her at her work and after a few hours, we went to the car to push her. We were going well until we came across a steep road, which no matter how hard we tried we could not overcome; Suddenly, as if they had come down from the sky, many hands began to push and in a few moments we had already managed to climb the slope.

When we got home we talked about that event that had filled us with joy, gratitude and hope. We remembered the girl we had helped and the situation in general we related to that movie, entitled Pay it forward ( Chain of favors ), which tells the story of a boy who seeks by all means to fulfill a project: it occurred to him a system to improve the world, which consisted of paying a favor to three people and these, in turn, had to do the same.

Therefore, this time I invite you to do the same without anyone asking you and without expecting anything in return, other than obtaining your own satisfaction. Check out these four options:

1. Share the light of what you know

There are many things that you know or know how to do that you can share with other people such as dancing, cooking, devising crafts, playing an instrument, drawing, driving, using electronic devices, cell phones … in short, anything you have knowledge of will do to transmit it to another.

2. Become Doctor Smiles

Problems or worries are usually the main obstacle for people not to smile. If someone you know or relative is going through a complicated situation, look for them and steal a smile by telling them a funny anecdote or a nonsense that makes them ignore their close reality for a moment. And if you go down the street and you perceive sadness in someone, if you smile at them you can get them to respond the same.

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3. Lend your ears, and your whole person

People you know often need you to listen to them, get close to them, listen to them and if they ask for your opinion, offer them words of encouragement. Simply with that, even if you do not solve their problem, it is more than enough for them to discharge their sorrows and feel relieved.

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4. Help without being asked

Usually, this can be done in three ways: either the same person tells you about a problem or deficiency that he is suffering and helps him correct it; the second happens indirectly, that is, through an intermediary who is sharing the grief of other people with you; And the third may be that you, along with the neighbors, organize to gather a monthly pantry and deliver it to people in need.

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Chain of favors impacted people because it could touch their deepest and most sensitive fibers, people who, in some way, wanted to be that little one and do good. That is why I invite you to dare today and together, organize a very large and strong chain that can reach many more people, in order to help without expecting anything in return, an action that provides you with a special well-being.


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