Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Do you want to celebrate your child’s birthday in style, but you can’t spend a lot of money? Find out how you can do it.

If you are about to celebrate your son’s birthday, surely you are excited to treat him as he deserves. But sometimes the family finances do not allow it and we feel bad, because we believe that the money will not be enough to make it a memorable birthday. Don’t worry, when it comes to organizing the party there are different options that are not so expensive and that will make your little one have a great celebration. For example:

Make homemade food

It is much cheaper and healthier than store-bought food. You can ask someone you trust to help with some preparation, if you think you have little time or there are many guests.

Make yourself the design of the birthday keepsake (or souvenir)

For example, it could be a photo of your child, with a magnet. You can edit it yourself and then take it to print. If you don’t have much idea how to do it, surely someone in your family will know how to edit.

Prepare the place by decorating it with your own hands

Ask your children, brothers or nephews for help. Make garlands, colorful banners. It will be a lot of fun and you will save money. In addition, making handmade decorations gives a different touch to the place and the party becomes a very special celebration.

Make some preparations ahead of time

If you prepare or buy food in advance and place it in the refrigerator (refrigerator or freezer), you will not spend as much money together, on the birthday date.

Buy a single gift among all family members

If your child is asking for a special gift and you cannot buy it yourself, you can organize with other family members and give him a common gift. That way your child will have what he needs or wants, and you won’t have to spend as much.

Instead of hiring entertainers, ask a relative to dress up

We all have a family member or friend who likes to dress up and act. Ask him to help liven up the party. I assure you they will have a lot of fun.

I remember that during childhood my birthdays were not very luxurious, but they were very funny. We made them at home, with games, piñatas, music, and delicious food. We played skill games and danced until we were tired. I have beautiful images of those moments in my memory. They were simple celebrations, where joy and family unity reigned. It was not necessary a lot of money, nor was it the fashion to fill the room with so many characters, but we put up a happy birthday sign and many balloons. They were unforgettable parties, we dressed up and went to sleep with a smile.

That is the important thing: the time you spend with your family, with joy. Instill these values ​​in your children, showing them that it is not necessary to have a lot of money or a fancy party to make it the best birthday they can imagine.

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