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Do You Lack Commitment As Parents?

Adolescence is a very sensitive stage for human beings, especially in these times. Therefore, the accompaniment of adults can be vital. Are you really committed to your children? With each school year that passes, the number of parents of teens who attend school meetings drops considerably. When talking with them looking for reasons for the

She Suffered The Harassment Of Hundreds Of Parents Who Misjudged Her Behavior After An Incessant Cough From Her Baby. In Her Case, What Would You Do?

For or against protecting your children like this mother? In recent times it has become common for many parents to take their children to be vaccinated, including vaccines that are applied to babies a few days old, the reason dates back to the 90’s. A little history In 98 a study carried out by British

A Pediatrician Sweeps The Networks With Her Answers About Vaccines In Children; Against Or For, You Will Change Your Mind When You Know What She Thinks

This doctor has all the answers and much more. Her comments went viral and parents are loving her. The rise of “anti-vaccine” parents has opened the debate in recent years about the radical importance of vaccines in children. Even though there are many people who disagree on vaccinating their children, professionals insist that it is