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Are Video Games Really That Bad?

A child who goes out with his friends to the streets to play marbles or ride a bike is already an image of the past. Today children have fun and entertain themselves in very different ways, video games being one of the most questionable In every meeting I have with parents to talk about their

Clean Teeth, Calm Mom

Your baby grows day by day. It is wonderful to see your progress. Among so many new things to learn and discover, have you ever thought about how to clean his mouth? Here we give you ideas to do it. It’s amazing how fast babies grow. One day we have a small newborn and in

According To Experts, You Shouldn’t Force Your Child To Eat When He Doesn’t Want Any More

“Come on, one more teaspoon!” Does it sound familiar to you? Discover amazing reasons why you shouldn’t force your child to eat. Most of us have heard phrases like “don’t ever get up from the dining room until you finish your plate” , as this was very common in our mothers and grandmothers. When we