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The Road To Diabetes In 3 Steps

Although age, ethnicity, and heredity increase risk, make no mistake, it is our actions that have made diabetes the epidemic of the 21st century. Taking into account that human beings, from time immemorial, have longed for the secret of eternal life, it is contradictory that we do so little to take care of our lives.

Emotions Make My Body Sick. What To Do To Avoid It?

The inability to channel emotions properly can lead to physical illness. Learn in this article some ways to free yourself from negative emotions, avoiding getting sick. Many studies have shown the great connection between the mind and the body. The inability to channel emotions properly translates into physical diseases, which not infrequently doctors do not

10 Signs Your Husband Might Have Cancer

The “macho” idea that a large percentage of the Latino population still has, mainly, has caused a large number of men to lose their lives because they do not go to the doctor on time and this thanks to the fear of a review. Much is said that men are the strong gender. However, when

The Dangers Of Kissing Your Dog

Veterinary physicians warn about the dangers of pet “kisses” in certain areas of the human body. For many people, having a dog at home is one of the most beautiful things they have. And it is that arriving home every afternoon and being greeted by your pet wagging his tail and licking his face, can

Doctors And The Abuse Of Power

A personal health experience made me observe how people abuse their power in the face of people’s ignorance and vulnerability. Knowledge gives power … Do you use it or abuse it? You arrive at a clinic at night with severe pain, an injury, or some bleeding. And the first thing you see is many people