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Helping Hands Are Nobler Than Praying Lips

Praying is good, but acting to help those in need is even better. Any residential neighborhood in the world has extremely devoted women who go to church every day. The story that you will read next tells the story of one of these women. This woman, every morning went to the first mass that was

Chastity. The Courage To Wait Until Marriage

When you decide to wait to have intimate relationships, you are training in the school of authentic love, because your desires for intimacy will not be based on the desire to possess the other, but on total surrender. The word “chastity” seems to be forbidden in most current settings. Both in the educational, psychological and

Forgetting Pride And Pride Saved My Marriage

God is faithful, and he keeps his promises. Constant prayer, overcoming pride, and trusting him can do many miracles for your partner. Marisela was born into a Catholic home, but she did not share her parents’ values. She was what we know today as “non-practitioner.” This situation is common in some young people, who do