Brutal Reactions On The Networks For Photos Of A Female Model Without Waxing Her Armpits, Is It Right Or Wrong?

The simple photos of a woman with her underarms unshaved are drawing very aggressive comments from people all over the world. What is your opinion? Find out what the experts say.

The simple photos of a Belgian woman with her underarms unshaved are drawing very aggressive comments from people all over the world. “My body, my decision” is the comment that accompanies the controversial photos.

The photographs taken by a well-known Belgian photographer, Florence Lecloux, with the intention of showing the world the things that women should do with their bodies, often unintentionally, only due to social pressure, have aroused extremely negative reactions from both men and women. of women.

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Laura De, the model in the photos, decided to share the images on her personal Facebook account, but without imagining the kind of comments she would receive.

Connais-tu toute l’ampleur de ma folie?

Photo by Florence Lecloux Photographe

Posted by Laura De on  Monday, August 15, 2016

The published photo is accompanied by a message that seeks to fight for equality:

«I am often told that in Belgium and France we do not need feminism, that women have enough rights … All this violence proves that we do not. In Belgium, a country that calls itself developed, when a woman wants to say not to wax she will be punished in any case, even if she goes to the standard again. I wanted to say to everyone: Thank you. The hundreds of people who supported me in the comments, their private messages, their sharing my photos and artistic projects.

Boys, girls, and non-binaries who fight for a more just world with courage and inflexibility, you are my heroes.

On the other hand, in her blog of photographs she shared another message in which she repudiates the “dictatorship of the soft body” as an oppression of girls and women.

But why do women wax or shave our bodies?

According to the information published by Women You Should Know, waxing or shaving legs and armpits was born as the fruit of a new fashion at the time when women’s dresses began to be sleeveless. Apparently, before this time, the fact that no one saw the armpits of women, made them not have or feel the need to wax.

What do the specialists say?

Medically speaking, there is not much information for or against, however there are some things that we should take into account when removing body hair.

According to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, there are some complications for our health that we must take into account when deciding to wax, shave, wax, or refrain from doing so.

1. Removing the hair can cause an abscess

Gynecological clinics have noticed a large increase in the number of patients who turn to the doctor after an infection occurs in the pubic area, mostly after hair removal.

These abscesses are infections that occur on the skin, and in many cases require a doctor to drain them and prescribe antibiotics.

2. Depilatory creams may be the best option

The difference between depilatory wax, razors and creams is that the creams work with chemicals to avoid damaging the skin. Likewise, it is important that you make sure that you do not have an allergy to the components of the cream in question.

3. Removing hair in the pubic area increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

According to a study published in 2012, hair removal affects the skin’s membrane, making it more susceptible to allowing bacteria to penetrate it.

A campaign of rebellion, but it really depends on each woman

What this Belgian did is not something new, it is more, it is a trend that became popular in 2015 and that seems to be increasing over time. From Miley Cyrus, to this Belgian woman, many women around the world are against the norms of softness and live it as a macho or fashion imposition that they do not want to submit to.

Shooting contre le Bodyshaming – Mai 2016

Photo by Florence Lecloux Photographe

Posted by Laura De on  Monday, August 15, 2016

The most important thing here is to know that yes, your body is yours and it is your decision. And although we do not agree with women who do not want to wax, there is no need to insult or diminish them.

The controversial model published a few days later a photo of her with shaved armpits, explaining that the point is not to be for or against shaving; the point is that each woman has the authority to do with her body what she sees fit without being condemned.

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