Biohacking: The Science That Improves Human Capacities

Humans with antennas on their heads, a bulletproof coffee, and many other surprising things are what biohacking promises.

Have you ever dreamed of being a super human as the comics paint it? Honestly, when I was a child I imagined it a lot; and actually I’ve also sometimes caught myself thinking about it nowadays. Especially when I have too many activities and the time is not enough, as much as I try to do my duty.

Adult life becomes quite overwhelming due to great responsibilities, and it is now that I understand why my grandmother told me: “Do not yearn to grow up fast, everything comes in due time.” As the years go by, physical and hormonal changes arrive, and indeed also fatigue, which really makes me see the rough part of living.

Technologically enhanced humans

Fortunately, there are many technological tools that we can make use of today. Whether they are very necessary or not, to facilitate our daily life, and we can even carry some of them in our body, implanted.

Biohacking is a new way of life very attached to science, and that has revolutionized it, since it achieves an intimate connection between the person and the technological instrument itself.

These new possibilities have been opened to humanity, as we have never stopped trying to optimize our body and brain functions; this with the intention of increasing abilities and the fervent desire to avoid or delay death.

Science at home

Technologies, together with science, play an important role in the care and improvement of health, both human and of other living beings, which are involved in coexistence with us; so it is vital that they move forward together.

Until now, artificial alterations in human biology and anatomy were considered the object of study and manipulation by specific groups in private laboratories. Today there are people who call themselves “biohackers” and who are dedicated to bringing science home through devices that make life easier.

Biohacker philosophy

Biohackers believe that human beings are the protagonists of their transformation process and must decide what changes they want to make in their body and carry them out, to the best of their ability.

It is a way of life, based on the principle “Do It Your self”, that is, ” All people should be free to modify and design themselves physically with the help of technology, and seek the best version of themselves.”

The following experiments and devices were done by biohackers:

1. Temporary night vision

Magazine Science for the Masses, of The US is a clear example of these technological advances, where an article was published about an experiment in which chlorine (Ce6) was used to allow night vision in humans, in a short period of time. It was possible without wearing any type of visual device, by means of an ocular injection.

The creator of this novel injection, Gabriel Licina, was the one who tested the successful invention. Indeed he developed a night vision for a few hours, and with a long and precise range of 50 meters; which under normal conditions is impossible.

2. Bulletproof coffee

Another example is inventor Dave asprey,who has already developed the “improved coffee” that he has called “Bulletproof coffee”, which maximizes the intellectual performance of the person who drinks it for a limited time. By combining coffee, organic butter and coconut oil, it gained great fame among groups of people who lead a fitness lifestyle.

This product is used to give satiety for hours, increase physical and intellectual performance and speed up the human metabolism. However, to provide its effects correctly, it must be taken in the morning, and before consuming any other food. This coffee replaces the traditional breakfast.

3. The first recognized cyborg

Neil Harbisson is the first person to be recognized as a cyborg by a government, and the first human being with an antenna implanted in his head, which allows him to see and also perceive colors invisible to the human eye, infrared and ultraviolet rays.

In addition, Neil can receive photos, videos, music and phone calls directly into his skull, from devices such as cell phones or satellites outside the Earth’s atmosphere, all through the same antenna.

He too is a co-founder of theCyborg Foundation , which is an international organization to help all people who wish to transform themselves into cyborgs, in addition to disseminating reliable information, about cyborgism as an artistic movement and to defend the rights of cyborgs.

The pace with which technology and science are present in human life is really very surprising, as they advance and strengthen ties every day. Before, tools were created to be used, today some are created to be carried by humans as part of their own body, to improve it and maximize biological characteristics.


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