Being In Love Will Make You Gain Weight

These are the reasons!

Before getting married, I used to strictly watch my diet and exercise daily, to avoid gaining weight. I felt fabulous, attractive and full of energy. I had all the time to take care of my physique. But when I fell in love everything changed.

I had a courtship that lasted a year, then I got married and I can assure you that my weight has increased over the years. Since I have stopped exercising and I have neglected my diet. Even now I usually feed myself with food that I did not like or was used to eating. My habits and lifestyle changed radically.

I can’t blame my husband for gaining weight. However, I am sure that the relationship and the stability that I feel has been of great influence so that I stop worrying as much about my weight as I did before.

But why do couples in love often gain weight?

1. You have security and greater confidence

When you find love and the relationship goes satisfactorily. Couples tend to feel more secure and confident. Since it increases self-esteem. They know that they are loved just as they are, with their strengths and weaknesses.

It is no longer about attracting a partner but about being happy with him. Therefore, the relationship is no longer based on aesthetics but on enjoying the company of the loved one to the fullest.

2. A way to conquer the heart

Enjoying a good meal is a pleasure. One way to win the heart of another person is through food. As my grandmother used to say “a full belly, happy heart.” So it is very common for couples to have many unforgettable experiences in a restaurant.

3. They dedicate their time to be with the couple

The free time you used to have when you were single ended when you fell in love. So now your number one priority is to be with your loved one. Therefore, you stop exercising as you did before and you become more sedentary. This causes you to gain weight without realizing it.

4. You enjoy eating relaxed with your partner

One of the things that are most enjoyed as a couple is being with her, watching television, movies or series, with a good snack in between. It is a way to coexist and relax from the stresses and responsibilities of the day. However, it is not a very good habit to do it all the time, since you will be putting your health and therefore your weight at risk.


5. Your tastes change

My husband has a couple of fried eggs for breakfast with a fried omelette and ham. He never changes his dish, as it has always been his habit since he was a child. On the other hand, I used to have a variety of food for breakfast such as fruit, smoothies, pancakes, among other things.

Over the years, now I usually eat the same breakfast as him. I think I do it to save time and thus avoid preparing two different dishes (a little more practical).

However, I know that it is not the best option, since my body and metabolism work differently than my husband. He can eat and eat and not gain as much weight as I do.

6. Fights and conflicts

All couples have had conflicts or fights at some point in their relationship. It is part of life and relationships. However, there are people who when they feel sad after fighting with their partners, they eat compulsively to fill that void of affection or need for pleasure.

They tend to eat out of emotion, we can call it comfort foods such as cookies, potato chips or ice cream.

7. Cultural situations

Getting fat due to cultural situations refers to the fact that the couple is originally from another country and therefore does not have the habit of eating like you.

I usually observe my friends who live in Mexico and that their partners are foreigners, since they have different customs. For example: Mexican food tends to have a lot of fat and seasonings, we even do 3 times to feed ourselves (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Quite the contrary to other cultures that tend to eat only twice a day and their food is more nutritious.

What you should take into account

You are  affecting your health. Many studies affirm that obesity or being overweight cause diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, respiratory problems, among others.

It affects your self-esteem and security. You know that self-esteem is the perception you have of yourself. When you constantly think that you are fat and you feel bad about yourself, you will be devaluing, since you will only receive self-criticism and negative thoughts that can put your emotional stability at risk.

You can even put your stability in your relationship at risk. Since jealousy will possibly increase and you will begin to distrust your partner, for feeling inferior and less attractive, comparing yourself to other women.

Work as a couple

Health is very important, for this reason it is essential to stay healthy. So to help yourself and your partner regain the ideal weight, set goals and go exercise together.

It is a way to reinforce love, union and commitment as a couple. It is also a way to motivate yourself to achieve your goals more easily. Also change the diet, for a healthier one.

Visualize an afternoon watching television with your partner, with healthy and very delicious snacks. For example: cucumbers, carrots, jicamas among other ideas.

Modify sedentary habits and think about doing physical activities as a couple that require going out, such as: walking on the beach, going to climb mountains, go swimming, etc.

Although couples often gain weight, they can regain their weight with mutual love and support. Nothing is impossible. So gaining weight is not a burden or worry in your life and relationship. Enjoy eating healthy to the fullest and challenging sedentary lifestyle in your daily life.

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