Being A Mother Of A Boy Is Having A Prince Charming For Life

When my son was born I never imagined falling in love so much. And I believe that this feeling will accompany me throughout my life.

Seeing his eyes I was absorbed. Her gaze, dark and deep, had me bound, never to let go again. When my son was born I never imagined falling in love so much. And I believe that this feeling will accompany me throughout my life.

The bond between a mother and her male child is indisputable. There is a very strong bond that binds us to them, and although we do not want to recognize it, they can only us with their eyes. If you’remother of a maleYou will understand what I say, because nothing compares to having a prince charming for life.

Son listen to me

The male world is new to me. Until the moment you were born, my life revolved around your sister’s dolls scattered on the floor and the nail paints with which, together, we spent fun afternoons.

You came to come to show us that mixture of rudeness with goodness of which I am completely in love. Your grandmother, for whom you are the first boy in the family, never stops admiring your exploits and her heart explodes when you wrap your arms around her neck.

Listen to me son. I will take care of you and guide you, but I will also give you wings to fly, and to dream big as a good man. You will always be a mother’s companion, I am sure, but your noble heart will also find that girl who makes you happy, and for whom you will be her King.

But for me, you will always be my prince charming, because there I will be present in your life, for what you need, for what you require, but also to teach you the way to respect and thus become a healthy and happy person.

You are not my favorite son

No, you are not, nor am I trying to make you understand that. Yes you are unique and special. Your sister is my faithful companion and with her I perpetuate my world as a child, between glitters and tea sets. And you, you make me feel powerful, because my mission to raise a boy is very strong.

Therefore, as a man, I want you to understand the world of women; and that you appreciate and respect it. Your sister and I will try to make it so. Well, a man who loves and respects a woman is a loyal man with a big heart.

You are not my favorite son, although I have to admit that your crazy things melt me. When you climb on my shoulders, ruffle my hair, or make me play cop and robber, I find myself playing rough, as I never did in my childhood.

I see in you the man who made me fall in love

When I look at you, I see your father. Although people say that you and I, physically, are a “copy”. In you I see all the attributes of the man that I fell in love with, your father, and for that reason I admire you and I am proud that you have that strong and confident personality.

I love you, and I respect your masculine essence. And it makes me happy to know that, along with your sister, I have the most precious pair of children that life could give me. Your caresses, your hugs and your words of love lift me up. I only hope that they never diminish, because they feed my being.

The first bond

When a baby is born, the first bond will be with its mother. Psychologist Stephen Poulter, author of the book “The mother factor: how your mother’s emotional legacy affects your life”, Explains that the mother provides the first experience of love, but depending on how this bond occurs, it can make us more anxious, needy, irascible or depressed.

Therefore, the bond between a mother and her male child occurs from the moment of conception. When you know that you are going to be the mother of a child, you prepare yourself mentally for it, and you fantasize about a lot of situations.

For the child, the maternal figure will show the model of the feminine, which is why it is so important that the bond is emotionally healthy. The closer the mother’s relationship with her child, the more likely the child will be a successful adult, according to theexperts.

If you are the mother of a prince charming there is something you should not forget

Being a mother of a boy is a challenge. I always say that as women, we have a duty to educate our male children in respect and understanding of the female world. But even more so it is our mission to teach them about equality.

Therefore, if you are the mother of a prince charming, help him to grow up to become an autonomous and independent adult, so that tomorrow he will find a life partner and not someone who will solve everything for him.

-Show him that it is okay to cry, and that both men and women can do it

-Teach him to respect, admire and be proud of the women in his family

-Talk about love, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of 

-Teach him to defend himself, but not to encourage fights or violence

-Explain about the efforts of women, so that they value the female world even more

-Never stop encouraging him with words of love

-Ask him to help with the housework

-Don’t always serve him everything, even if it pleases you, as it will have a negative impact on his future

-Don’t make comparisons with her sister or allow her things that you don’t allow her

-Tell him how much you always love him

Being a mother of a boy will always bring us satisfaction, surprises and good times. As a woman, educate your son in values, and do your bit to contribute to a more just and equitable society. The power is in you!

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