Being A Mother Before 30 Predisposes You To Be Happier

Do you like to enjoy life and at the same time want to be a mother? Don’t delay that moment for any reason. Getting married before 30 predisposes you to be happier.

A century ago, and even less time ago, it was rare to see women twenty-five years old and unmarried; Furthermore, a woman who reached that age without a commitment was classified as a spinster, or they said of her in a colloquial way: “She already stayed to dress saints” (from which the expression “stayed” is derived). These days this has already changed and the most “normal” thing is that one of two situations occurs: either the girls marry too young, with the consent of their parents or the opposite extreme, they marry already in their thirties or even in the forties.

In this article I want to delve into the second option. For a woman to decide to join in marriage after thirty, some factors can be determining. I describe three below:

1. They prioritize their professional side

For them the number one thing is their career, and excelling in their occupation make it the axis of their life. It is not that love or starting a family is indifferent to them, only that they are convinced that they have plenty of time to organize their emotional situation. In this, many tend to be wrong, since they do not take into account that the biological age to be mothers begins to decline after thirty years and is in decline.

2. Fully enjoy your youth

For these types of women, the meaning of the word LIVE has to do directly with venturing to experience all the adrenaline that is possible while they are young. They enter into the realization of trips to inhospitable places or with altruistic aims and of service to the community, practice of extreme sports and countless actions that require a certain mental and corporal position. Raising a family, while it could be a great adventure, can wait until they have accomplished those personal goals that cannot wait until forty.

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3. They have not found the PERFECT love

This type of woman believes in love and that personal fulfillment comes from the hand of a perfect family; However, they have not found the “perfect man”, the one who meets each of their expectations.

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The crux of the matter

I don’t want any reader to feel judged, but whatever your case of the three I present above, you must admit that they are narcissistic in nature, as you are only thinking of immediate satisfaction. It is not that it is wrong to think about your self-realization, about crystallizing goals and ambitions, only that you must put things in a REAL perspective and make a list of priorities where you can reflect on what you want for yourself, size it realistically and act in consecuense.

Getting married is not to be alone

Although there is no perfect age to find the love of your life, it is not a joke to get married just for fear of growing old alone, since this could lead you to marry a man who will only make you unhappy, and you will make you unhappy.

When a woman manages to find a man who makes her happy and discovers that he is happy with her, why pass up what could be the best adventure? Both of you may discover that as a family you can play sports and travel together, or be successful in your professional careers and be diligent and successful as a couple and as a parent.

It is not that a woman who aspires to marry after thirty cannot be happy in her marriage, she can be very happy, only that if she wants to be a mother she must hurry, because the female biological clock does not forgive. You should also think that if you have children shortly before the age of forty, the risks to your health can be high and you may even not enjoy your children’s childhood and youth or the marital adventure as much as you expected.

Anyway, remember that it is your choice to get married and fulfill your goals when and how you want; In spite of this, evaluate what is important to you, and if within that it is important to have a family, do not hesitate to do it, that will be the only way to feel satisfied.

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