Before And After The 6-year-old Girl Whose Mother Decided To Make An Alarming Cut And Color, Would You Do This To Your Children?

How far can you go with how your children look? Is it bad for your health to use inks at that age? How does it influence its development? Look at the photos.

Mary Thomaston, a renowned stylist and mother, originally from Florida, created a piece of art in her 6-year-old daughter’s hair. The cut and color have generated controversies and widely divided opinions among the other parents who have come across the viral photograph of the girl.

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According to what was published in UP Social, the girl was the one who wanted her mother to cut her with a color inspired by the magical world of unicorns, and her mother would only consent to it if the girl’s school allowed it.

After receiving approval from the school that Thomaston’s daughter attends, the mother (and stylist) got down to business.

“Childhood is the time to try a crazy hairstyle,” explains Thomaston. She maintains that she cannot imagine what a woman and man in their 20s or older would look like wearing something like this in their hair.

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A photo posted by Mary Thomaston (@marythomaston) on Aug 21, 2016 at 6:26 pm PDT

Apparently and according to the mother’s statements, it was the girl who “became infatuated” with her mother not only changing her color, but also wanting her to shave part of her hair.

The photos have gone viral, and other children from the Thomaston family’s neighborhood and school are embracing this trend.

Is it bad for you to use inks on such young children?

Most of the studies regarding the use of permanent or semi-permanent inks have been developed taking into account women, as they are the ones who use these products more frequently.

As published by WebMD, a 2004 study concluded that the use of tinctures does increase the chances of developing cancer. “Women who wear dark ink colors for 25 years or more double their chances of getting lymphoma.”

“Using hair dyes is a personal decision for a lot of reasons, but if I were the people (in question), if non-permanent or temporary dyes would solve my problem, I would do that, as they contain far less of the ingredients that are linked to cancer, “explains Zheng on WebMD.

As we mentioned before, studies have been carried out with adults, since using inks or bleaches in children is not a very common practice.

According to Kendra Aarthus, stylist and writer for About Style, she explains that treatments on children’s hair before they reach puberty are not recommended, especially if we are talking about permanent coloring or bleaching.

Why is it wrong to nod to these kinds of drastic changes in a child’s appearance at such a young age

A recent study by a group that advocates for children’s rights, Cammon Sense Media, revealed that the age at which children begin to worry about their appearance, their weight, how they are perceived by others, has decreased in a way alarming.

As published in this study, more than half of the boys and girls who worry about their weight and their appearance are only between 6 and 8 years old. This was something that only happened when we reached puberty, in fact, this was a sign for parents, that puberty was knocking at the door.


Beyond the chemicals used to dye hair being dangerous to your health, it is important as parents that we help you not burn stages. “Your daughter is only 12 years old to be a girl and the rest of her life to worry and be an adult; let her be a girl for as long as her body and society allow her, ”were the words of my daughter’s pediatrician.

Although this is a personal decision and between parents and children, it is important that as parents we always try to maintain a balance between the demands of society, fashion, trends and what our children want, as what is really appropriate for their ages.

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