Because Of You, Because Of You!

Are you one of those who lives blaming everyone for what happens? So, you probably suffer from Adamic syndrome and you didn’t know it. I’ll tell you what it is about.

To start talking about the subject, I must mention the following biblical verses from where the name of this syndrome originates. It begins with the story of Adam and Eve, when they lived in the Garden of Eden; while there they had received certain instructions from God about what to do and what not to do. They both disobeyed them and their justification was as follows. In Genesis 3:12, it says: “And the man answered, The woman whom you gave me as a companion gave me from the tree, and I did eat.” Then we read in Genesis 3:13 Eve’s response: “And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” We can clearly notice how the man, in a nutshell, blames the woman and the woman the snake. Each of them tried to apologize for their mistakes, blaming another for their own actions.

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This is still the case today: thousands of couples, families, and individuals throughout society have adopted this misguided behavior of blaming others for their own mistakes. It is what today we can call Adamic syndrome . How many times have you heard or even said something like: because of my mother, because of this father who touched me, because of my husband, because of you, because of you? Sure many times, right?

Adamic syndrome today

On one occasion, a co-worker told me about a situation that she was experiencing as a couple; she said that her infidelity was because of her husband, because he neglected her. It may be true, but she easily justified her mistake and validated her actions by making him guilty. This is how many people live in the world, trying to blame destiny, the country, the economy, luck, the neighbor, work, etc., without determining or recognizing when the error comes from themselves .

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It is true that there are things that perhaps really happen because of a person’s recklessness, for not taking action, for not following rules, and so on. And like everything else, each action has its reaction, that is, its consequence, whether positive or negative. But the bad thing is to make the mistake of blaming everyone for what happens to you in life and not recognizing when something happens due to some fault of your own or, in some cases, for making bad decisions.

It may also happen the case in which you are the one who feels guilty about a particular situation. It is very good that you acknowledge it, but not that you condemn yourself and live with feelings of guilt.

Whichever case you identify with, the first thing you should do is acknowledge it, confess it, and ask for forgiveness. In this way you will feel free from any oppression that causes you guilt and you will begin to live in peace, aware of your actions.

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