Be The Robin Hood Of Your Sons

You have to take your bow and arrows and go out to defend it from predators and all those who want to subdue it and make it feel needy. I think you have already realized what I am talking about.

With what eyes does the love of a father look at a son when he sees him with ice cream running over his smiling face?

I have no doubts: if you are given a choice between grunting and cycling afternoons, you have all the tickets bought. Father’s love has pockets full of sweets but also of wise words about how to treat teachers with respect, what attitude to take when a friend hits you when leaving school, choosing a sport, how to charm girls how not to feel defeated when the rival soccer team pierces the net of the goal.

Protection is also an action of love

I know that you would like everything to go smoothly, that you don’t have to raise your voice or suspend internet hours for a week. But unfortunately for you and many parents, I must confess that fatherly love also needs the look of Robin Hood to protect him when he feels intensely helpless.

You have to take your bow and arrows, and go out to defend it from predators and those who want to subdue it and make it feel needy. I think you have already realized what I am talking about.

According to studies of the University of Princeton and Columbia jointly, on fragile families, it was concluded that parents are increasingly absent from raising children, especially their sons. And this has serious consequences: “More than twice as likely to be arrested for juvenile delinquency; almost twice as likely to be treated for emotional and behavioral problems; about twice as likely to be suspended or expelled from school and one-third more likely to drop out of high school (high school) without completing it … children from broken homes and single parents are three times more likely to end up in prison by the time they reach 30 years than the children of intact married families.

Overwhelming news of the effect of your absence, right? And there will be no shortage of those who say: “But Marta, I haven’t left home!” Yes, I already know that, but you don’t need to leave home to be the zero to the left.

When you assume that your role as a father is more important than overtime and afternoons polishing the car, you realize that father’s love not only runs on the 5-soccer field, but also saves lives, protects hearts and drives away these evils.

Participate in their studies and activities

Don’t just get involved in activities that are enjoyable and make you proud. He assumes with the same enthusiasm the drawing of the isosceles triangle and the conjugation of the verbs. Tenderness is also present when you recognize that together with him you can review or relearn some forgotten concepts. Part of your heroism is demonstrated in that model on the surface of the territory, or in that billboard about vitamins and minerals.

Get involved in their feelings

Just as Robin drove the tyrant prince Juan Sin Tierra crazy, it’s time for you to pay a visit to the kingdom of broken hearts from time to time. Open the drawer of his sadness, sit down and listen to why he came right to lock himself in the bedroom. Do not think that your task is to only provide juicy steaks, toys, supplies and technology: Being a father is being a supplier, but your task is also to caress his loneliness, his frustration and his hopelessness when a girl rejects him or his friends criticize his sporting tastes.

The paternal presence in the lives of their male children is the ingredient that prepares them for a life of hopes and conquered challenges.

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