Be Grateful For Daily Food: A Nation-building Habit

Giving thanks for the food we receive and eat daily generates in everyone an awareness of the work involved in obtaining it and empathy for those who lack it.

Lately we hear and read in various media about the need to regulate and improve our eating habits, whether for physical or financial health. Today I want to talk about an ancestral habit that we must rescue, because it benefits women and men on many levels, beyond health and the economy. I mean the habit of being thankful for the food we eat every day.

Regardless of our belief, expressing gratitude for the food we receive every day creates in those who do it a greater awareness of its obtaining, preparation, use and care.

I have been working in an educational community for some years. Every school year I observe the same phenomenon repeated among those children who do not have the habit of giving thanks for food, and I see how by gradually developing this habit at school, their behaviors and attitudes towards food improve their perception of everything. which implies being able to have food on our table every day. Children later carry this practice home, where parents notice and enjoy the change in attitude in their children. My husband and I have carried out this simple practice since always, as our daughters grew up, it was instilled in their lives as something normal and daily. Can I tell you how we do it?


Involve your children from a very young age to collaborate at home, to do small tasks and, in this case, give them assignments related to preparation, table service, subsequent cleaning and, if possible, with the production and obtaining of food. How? If you go to the supermarket, ask your child (even if she cannot write) to make a list of what to buy, with prices, and when she comes home she will do the sum and you can put the ticket on a blackboard to compare This is the time to give thanks for the job and the ability to get it.


Having a small home garden or a few planters is a great teaching opportunity. A child who sows and reaps can better understand what it costs to produce and get something from the land. Caring for a plant, watering it, fertilizing it, and whatever it takes for it to sometimes bear just a small fruit involves many character-building lessons that our children often miss. Praying for a crop to grow and not break is to exercise faith and this is a great opportunity. Giving thanks is recognizing the work of others who produce food for us.

Preparation and service

Cooking and preparing our food is not just the mother’s job. When the children are involved and this activity is delegated with supervision as the children grow, we can see that they become aware of many things, and this is the time to talk about what is good for us, what we should not consume, take advantage of and not to waste, as well as to prepare food as an act of love by seeking to please and please family and friends, to measure portions, not to cook more than what is consumed and so much more. Praying for the food to yield and making it yield causes a very special feeling.

In the table

Each family has its own style of giving thanks for the food, some hold hands and some more kneel. There are families in which you pray in turns and others where only one person speaks. The idea in all of them is the same: give thanks for what we have, for what we enjoy, for being able to share with those we love the fruit of our effort. The impact that parents have on hearing their children thank them for their effort and dedication is enormous, it sweetens hearts and as adults it helps us to strive better and better. When children hear their parents pray and thank, they are taught by example, it gives them security and confidence to belong to a strong and united group where they are loved and valued.

Thank in public places

It is possible to do it discreetly or openly, that’s up to you. Normally people are very grateful and moved when a family gives thanks, it is something that leaves a special atmosphere among the diners. Some other families are used to giving thanks for the food they will eat once they leave home, others simply give thanks and offer a good benefit for everyone, remember that the most important thing is to always be grateful.

By the way, thanks for reading this article. Enjoy it.

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