Basic Manual Not To Ruin Birthdays

Many times what should be celebration, fun and entertainment ends up being a fiasco because those who should celebrate us do not respect the basic rules of good hosts. Here is a guide to avoid ruining birthdays.

For most of us, our birthday is a date that we hope will become one of the best days of the year. Even those who do not like the celebration cross their fingers with the illusion that, at least, no one will make their day bitter. And secretly we all dream of gifts as a consolation prize for the reality of getting old.

If we celebrate ourselves, however, the salt and pepper of the day is lost. Perhaps on some occasion it is a great idea because it breaks with the custom, but if it happens every time our birthday we end up feeling ignored and even little loved, hence the importance of having people for whom our birth is important.

Let’s be honest, many times, what should be celebration, fun and entertainment ends up being a fiasco, because those who are supposed to celebrate us do not respect the basic rules of good hosts and throw away their effort and our desire to have a good time. . So, next, I share with you what you should never, never, but never do to an honoree in her day.

Seven-step guide to not ruining a birthday

1. Don’t leave everything to the last minute

Many believe that spontaneous is much better, but there are times when it is better not to take the risk, and birthdays are precisely one of those occasions when it is better to take enough time to prepare for the celebration, because if something goes wrong you can really leave a bad memory for life.

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2. “Do not forget” the date or leave the gift at the end

A few years ago, my birthday happened during the week, so my husband and I were working and we couldn’t do anything together; plus, he had the not-so-cool idea to pretend he forgot the date and surprise me when we went to sleep. The result was that I had a bitter day, and although the gift was what I wanted, nothing could brighten my day.

3. Pleasing you, not liking yourself

It is not about doing what you want, but about the other person seeing how much you know him and also care. If you are going to make the effort, then make it worthwhile and the best way is to please yourself, not please yourself.

4. Put it ahead

Prioritize the date. I mean that if it coincides with a celebration such as Mother’s Day or Christmas, please! Do not be rude to put it together, set aside a space to celebrate it exclusively. It is already ugly enough to have to deal with few or no people being available, so that their birth is equated with Independence Day.

5. Don’t overlook his day

I know there are many of us for whom remembering a date is an impossible mission, but that’s what agendas, reminders, social networks and countless alternatives are for so as not to forget that day. If you know you have a bad memory, don’t risk it and mark the date in advance.

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6. The rest can wait

We only have one birthday once every 365 days, so please, don’t allow arguments or bad times to be present. If you can wait, then wait. It’s worth taking a deep breath and shaking off the bad vibes until the next day.

7. Always keep a present

Sometimes the economic, emotional or family situation is not adequate to allow us to be carried away by the spirit of fun, but a hug, a few words of affection, the favorite dish can make a big difference for the good of people. Keep it in mind.

Birthdays are the equivalent of having a personal New Years Eve and New Years. The perfect occasion to ask yourself what we have done up to that moment and what to do next. A day that is about us, that revolves around us and that if this little manual manages to go viral, it will prevent others from ruining our anniversary.

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