Baby Names That Have Set Trends In 2017

Choosing your baby’s name will be easier when you read the 2017 trend

The arrival of a baby in the family is always a reason for happiness and happiness. After the excitement of the announcement of the arrival of a new member, very important decisions always come for parents and choosing the ideal name is one of the first things you think about when emotions are decanting.

For this reason, and if you are waiting for the arrival of a child, here are some names that have set a trend this year.

Names for Girls

  • Lucia: of Latin origin. It means light.

  • Mary: Hebrew origin. From sea.

  • Sofia: Greek origin. Means Wisdom

  • Carla: of Germanic origin. It means the one who is strong and powerful.

  • Laura: of Latin origin. Frank, creative and sentimental.

  • Irene: Greek origin. means peace

  • Emma: of Germanic origin. Adventurous and energetic personality

  • Alma: Latin origin. It refers to the one who feeds and gives life.

  • Eva: Hebrew origin. The one that gives life.

  • Zoé: Greek origin. The one that gives life.

Names for Boys

  • Hugo: of Germanic origin. It means “spirit, intelligence and reason”

  • Daniel: Hebrew. Judge of god

  • Pablo: of Latin origin. The humble little one

  • Alexander: of Greek origin. Means the defender

  • David: of Hebrew origin. It means Beloved of God

  • Santiago: of Hebrew origin. Means rewarded by God

  • Gabriel: of Hebrew origin. It means strength of God.

  • Emiliano: Latin and Greek origin. Means kind

  • Diego: Greek origin. Means educated man

  • Manuel: Hebrew origin. It means God is with us

These are just some of the names that this year have set trends worldwide. You should know that each country has its own list with the most registered names of each year.

The important thing is that before choosing the perfect name for your child, take into account the following:

  • Possibilities

There are classic names and other innovative ones. Even many parents decide to make a combination of both names for their child. The main thing is that they decide what they want for their child.

  • Traditions

In some families there are some traditions with names, it is the case of mine, where all men have a second name Emiliano, so we only dedicate ourselves to looking for the first name.

  • Momentous decision

It is important to realize that choosing a name is not a simple matter, because it is how a person will be called forever. So you can’t take something lightly that can create opportunities or problems for your child, in case his name is a mockery tomorrow.

For this same reason, many couples wait for the same day of birth to decide what they will call their child, because they believe that looking into the eyes they will be able to find the indicated name.

  • It’s an intimate decision

Don’t let the prejudices of others lead you to make a wrong decision. Choosing your child’s name is an intimate process, where no one but you has the last word about what your baby will be called.

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