Baby Is Born Without Part Of The Skull And Brain; Networks Explode

Baby who was born without part of the skull and brain, is an example that miracles exist, however opinions are mixed.

Posted by JAXON STRONG on  Sunday, May 8, 2016

Unfortunately some little ones struggle too much in the womb to be born healthy. Thanks to advances in medicine, many parents are able to know when their baby during pregnancy is developing in good health, and thus decide whether to continue the pregnancy or interrupt it.

When the diagnosis is unfavorable, the parents’ decision is complicated, all their illusions, desires and hopes of being parents are interrupted. A case that went viral was published by CNN and the BBC, where the parents decided not to interrupt the pregnancy despite knowing that the baby was not developing normally.

Courage or Selfishness

Parents Brandon and Brittany, faced the most terrible decision of their lives, when doctors reported that their baby suffered from microhydranencephaly, an extreme brain malformation that interrupts the development of the brain and skull, there is no cure; the specialists ‘recommendation was to terminate the pregnancy at 23 weeks’ gestation.

The parents kept praying and with great faith and hope they made the decision not to abort and continue with the normal process of pregnancy, since the mother’s life would not be at risk.

The miracle of life

Posted by JAXON STRONG on  Sunday, March 27, 2016

Little Jaxon Buell was born on August 27, 2014, during his first three hours of life he was connected to a machine in the intensive care unit in Florida. Parents shared the story through GoFoundMe and Facebook to raise funds for the excessive medical expenses their baby needed in order to live.

Jaxon’s “Strong” Facebook page has more than 156,000 followers and they have raised nearly $83,000 since publication.

Networks explode

Some people upon learning the story criticized the parents as “selfish” for not having made the decision to terminate the pregnancy, to avoid suffering from having to live a life full of limitations.

Father Brandon replied “I will never understand how choosing to bring Jaxon into the world and give her a chance to live can be considered selfish.”

One year of life

Doctors do not give any credit and are impressed by the miracle of Jaxon, he has been strong, intelligent and special, improving every day. However, parents ask for more financial support, due to the long battle that awaits their baby.

Most children with microhydrocephaly die within hours of birth, yet parents are aware that Jaxon’s future is uncertain. They never give up hope of keeping the baby growing.

What is microhydranencephaly ?

It is a congenital condition, caused by damage or abnormal development of the nervous system, causing the brain to fail to develop normally and parts of it are replaced by cerebrospinal fluid.

Sometimes the baby may appear normal at birth, however, a few weeks later the child presents an increase in the tone or firmness of the muscle, causing seizures, visual problems, lack of growth, deafness, quadriaparesis, paralysis and attention difficulties.


There are many risk factors such as: it may be that the mother is expecting twins and the death of one in the uterus causes the malformation of a baby, they can also be caused by hereditary or genetic conditions, environmental exposures during pregnancy, such as medications that the mother has consumed, maternal infection or exposure to radiation, including drug abuse.


There is no cure, the missing brain cannot be replaced, however there are treatments for different needs such as: reducing fluid in the brain, feeding support, medications to calm seizures and physical therapy.

Mental deterioration is expected, so children need special care during their lives, research is contradictory, some claim that many babies die before reaching one year of age, others say that children can live until adolescence.

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It is not a matter of judging the parents’ decisions, all of them must be respected; The objective of sharing this story is to learn about miracles and to humanize people to help others. Let’s remember never to lose hope and faith!

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