Attention Parents! The Time You Spend Your Baby In Her Car Seat Can Be Fatal

The unknown danger when using baby car seats.

Despite the fact that car seats provide safety when traveling with children, they can sometimes be fatal if you do not follow the directions.

Many stories have circulated on social networks about the dangers that newborn babies can have when staying a long time in a car seat, however, we must know the opinion and recommendations of the experts, for our peace of mind.

  1. Appropriate chair

As the children grow, it is necessary to change the car seats according to their size, age and weight, to travel safely and comfortably, which is why there are different types on the market with different characteristics.

For example: for a newborn baby weighing 9 kilos, it is recommended to install the chair in a transverse position, usually in the shape of a basket, as it is ideal to protect the spine, reducing the risk of suffocation. When they weigh between 8 to 18 kilos, the chair has five attachment points and is positioned facing forward.

  1. Monitor the baby constantly

Newborn babies do not have enough strength to support their little head, so it is important to position them correctly following the instructions, since if they are not well seated, their own body flexes too much, causing their head to fall forward , with the chin on the chest, so if the parents do not realize it, the baby will have trouble breathing and can be fatal.

  1. Stop frequently

When you have a long trip scheduled for more than 2 hours, it is essential to stop frequently to observe the baby, so you can change his position by stretching his whole body, you can take the opportunity to carry him and walk a little, so you will avoid numbness and discomfort pains.

  1. Nothing to eat!

It is common for some parents to offer their children any treat while they are driving, in order to keep them distracted and calm, however, you should know that it is dangerous for their safety, since the car is in motion and in an oversight they can swallowing food and choking. So it is advisable to always stop when children are hungry and thus avoid any unfortunate situation.

  1. Don’t put your hands and head out

In many countries, the action of putting out the hands and head while the vehicle is in motion is sanctioned, as it can cause a fatal accident. Therefore, always tell your little one to remain seated in her safety chair with her arms inside and preferably close the windows.

Safety measures are very simple, however, you should not take them lightly, since we are all exposed to a car accident, therefore, you must be careful and cautious when installing car seats and drive with caution, always thinking about the welfare of your family.



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