Attention Parents: Baby Suffers Second Degree Burns Using This Popular Sunscreen

And it wasn’t the sun that caused the blisters and burns, but the suntan lotion. Her mother is warning parents not to happen to other children.

This warning is especially for young parents

The Life Daily portal reported the warning generated by Rebecca Cannon, the mother of Kyla, the 14-month-old girl who suffered second-degree burns after playing outside on a hot but cloudy day with suntan lotion on her face.

Rebecca reported that she had already left home leaving the sunscreen she commonly uses with her daughter, so she decided to borrow one. After spraying her hands with the sunscreen with a protection factor of 50, she put it on her daughter’s face.

Hours later, Kyla had a reddish tint to her face and then blisters began to appear on her face. Rebecca took her to the emergency room where she was told that the girl had second degree burns and that it was indeed caused by one of the ingredients in the sunscreen and NOT by the sun.

Then Rebecca took her daughter to see a dermatologist who confirmed that one of the chemicals in Banana Boat SPF 50 sunscreen was responsible for the chemical burn on Kyla’s face.

Age could have been a factor

According to Fox News, Rebecca said she realized that the sunscreen was for children but not specifically for babies.

In an interview with Rebecca said that “I knew that because of her age she should have used a baby blocker, but she didn’t have one.” Adding that “he thought that if he used a minimal amount (as he did with Kyla) there would be no problem”, but unfortunately it was not.

However, it is NOT an isolated case.

Posted by Joanna Daignault on  Monday, June 5, 2017

As reported by Cannon, the specialist doctor who treated his daughter told him that he had already seen other cases in other babies.

On the other hand, after the publication of this mother on her Facebook page, among the more than 1000 comments there are many parents sharing stories similar to what happened with Kyla.

Banana Boat describes their product as ‘the perfect protection for children’s skin’, and in an official statement from the company on the matter they make it clear that “they are tremendously concerned when people who use their products encounter problems like these” , adding that their “products go through rigorous tests and that they are respecting health regulations.”

The company’s offer to Kyla’s mom

Update on Kyla: we have been to the dermatologist today and she is healing up great so far and it has been verified and…

Posted by Rebecca Cannon on  Thursday, May 11, 2017

A representative from Banana Boat reportedly contacted Rebecca to offer her a new sunscreen with paid shipping; an offer to which Cannon gave a resounding no in response as it does not fix what happened to her daughter who is receiving steroid treatment and an antihistamine cream to help with inflammation.

What to consider when choosing a sunscreen for children

The rules are not very complicated if you follow these tips and perhaps you try to choose the most reputable brands when it comes to protecting your little ones from the sun (and possible chemical burns).

Being Parents explains some of the things we should keep in mind:

  • Skin color

If it is too light and they burn easily, it is advisable to always use sunscreen with a protection factor of 50 or more.

If, on the other hand, the skin color is not so clear and less sensitive to the sun, you can use protectors with protection factors of 30 or more.

Aerosol protectors are very fashionable and easier to apply, but you have to be careful with these and possible allergic reactions as well as make sure to rub it in with your hand so that it is absorbed by the skin before being in contact with water and the sun.

Practical tips

  • The experts advise not let your children be exposed to the sun during noon and 5 pm.

  • Use a high-facto bronzer or sunscreen, never less than 30.

  • Put the bronzer on them half an hour before going out instead of doing it on the spot; remember that the sun only needs 15 minutes to burn.

  • Put more on the ears, face, insteps, shoulders and the back of the knees.

  • Remember that you must apply it again every two hours.

  • Make sure they wear a hat if they are going to be out in the sun for a long time.

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