Attention Men: Ideas To Propose Marriage

Are you one step away from committing and have no idea how to do it? Then this article is for you.

Many women, regardless of age, have a day fixed in our mind without knowing exactly its date on the calendar: the day they will propose to us. We can spend youth and part of adulthood, glimpsing the long-awaited moment. Our mind flies imagining the thousand ways we would like to be surprised on that day. We fantasize, hoping that it is so, just as we have dreamed it. But what happens when that day comes? Sometimes all that fantasy created in the mind is just an illusion.

I think that commonly women are endowed with greater creativity, compared to men. Many men, even when giving a gift to a woman, their lives get tangled up! Therefore, this article is directed to you, gentlemen, to give you a little help to think about the great day when you will propose to the woman of your life.

What some women dream of

In my life, that day has not yet come, but I will tell you what goes through my mind in relation to that day. I work as a flight attendant and part of my time, I spend it on a plane. I have imagined that my boyfriend takes a flight where I have to work and gets on like a common passenger. During the flight, in complicity with my companions, he took a loudspeaker and publicly, in the middle of the plane, asked me to be his wife. Yes, I know that this option is very complicated and not very accessible for most, but the idea is this: the surprise factor.

Another of the ways in which I have dreamed it is less complicated, but for me quite emotional: that in the church where I congregate, in front of everyone present, they ask me to marry. Obviously in the form of surprise, again, because for me it would not be funny that I knew. If it didn’t happen in either of these two ways, I would just like it to really surprise me, to be in an unusual way.

I also asked some single friends and others who are one step away from commitment, how they would like to be asked to marry. One of them, Aliuska, wants it to go to a concert, where her admirer gets on stage, takes the microphone and publicly, amid the noise, asks her to marry him. For her part, Mariana would like it to be in a viewpoint, a beautiful and lonely place, where she could contemplate nature and the city, in that dimension.

Ideas to ask for marriage

The day a woman commits to join in marriage is one of the most unforgettable days of her life. In the way you ask, it will undoubtedly have an impact on your life; She will be happy, she will jump, she will scream, she will kiss you. But the minds of many of us are designed with an expectation, which we hope will be exceeded. Thus the impact will be even greater. Not every day the same woman is asked to marry. So make that day truly unique and special. It’s more important to your girlfriend than you think.

Among the most basic and common ways to ask for marriage is to do it at dinner. It is followed by the one where they do it with a serenade, and another is on the seashore, at midnight and with the crescent. These will never go out of style, but there are many others that have emerged as ideas of this new generation and, the truth is, they are not so complicated and they are very original. I will mention some that have caught my attention:

1. Cupcakes

The first is that the groom gives the bride a box full of cupcakes that say: Do you want to marry me? It seemed different to me and, although it is simple, it is also quite original. After yes, you can enjoy dessert together!

2. Signs or banners

Another option is to do it with signs, whether they are posters, banners and even people holding each letter of the message: Do you want to be my wife? I loved this idea, just like writing it with rose petals, it is also beautiful.

3. Surprise wedding

The most extraordinary of all is where the bride is the wedding guest. That is, the groom organizes the civil act and takes her by surprise to his own wedding. Of course, here you must be completely sure that her answer will be a resounding yes.

How about, don’t you think these are wonderful ideas? The truth is that you do not have to see it as a tedious job, in addition, if you are in love enough, it will motivate you even more to do it. I want to emphasize that more than what you spend and make an effort, what counts is the intention and the detail. Women are easy to fall in love with, in that sense, a note with an I love you is enough to earn points.

Friend, there are many ideas and ways. This is just a sample to arouse your curiosity and desire to want to surprise her. I suggest you do not do it alone, ask for help in your own family or among your friends. They will be good allies and you will feel more comfortable and confident doing it. Another thing that can help you is to know their tastes and what they are passionate about, their favorite places can be a good reference to support you. That it is not just a question of giving a ring, and that’s it. So break the basic schemes and dare, risk surprising your beloved future wife. So cheer up and good luck! Related to this topic, I invite you to read these articles:

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