Attention! A Baby Dies In His Father’s Chest And The Case Is Under Investigation

An alert for all parents.

There is no manual that indicates step by step the care that babies require when they are born, if there were many times, tragedies would be avoided. However, there is a lot of information about it in the media that is useful for first-time parents, who do not know how to care for a newborn.

An unfortunate news was released by Dailymail and other media, where a five-month-old baby dies on his father’s chest without any explanation. Charlotte and Griffihs is a loving marriage, they had their little five-month-old baby named Albie John Green. The father came home in the afternoon after playing in the city of Bristol, he told his wife that he would take care of the baby.

One tragic morning

Albie John fell asleep on his dad’s chest, after waking up to be fed at night. At dawn Mrs. Charlotte discovered her little boy lifeless; at that time they called paramedics for help, however they were unable to revive him.

Investigations into the death are ongoing, a post-mortem could not discover the cause of death and it was registered as unknown, there is no explanation. The mother and grandmother appeared in court to hear the judge register an open conclusion in the investigation.

Bristol City fans raised money to pay for Albie’s funeral, even organizing a balloon launch, such as an emotional funeral.

The purpose of the news is to alert all parents to take certain precautions when caring for a newborn. Without a doubt, the death of a child is a devastating experience and one that is not intended to be experienced at any time.

Tips for Caring for a Newborn Baby

It is important to take some tips to avoid tragedies like the one we just read. For first-time parents, it is a great challenge to know perfectly the needs of your baby, it is usually thought that if she cries it is because she is dirty, she is hungry, she does not like her posture, her tummy hurts or she is sleepy.

In the SerPadres publication, we find expert advice on how to care for a newborn baby.

1. Food

As the stomach of a newborn is very small, the amount of milk that must be provided is what the baby demands, usually, it is necessary to ensure that the areola of the breast is kept inside the baby’s mouth to ensure that has been fed. They begin to vomit when they are satisfied.

2. Cry after eating

It is probably because they show interest in their surroundings and want to play or because they have gas. It is important to burp him after feeding to make him feel better and avoid stomach pain.

3. The ideal posture

After eating it is important to lay the baby on his back, it is the safest and will cause gas to not bother him. That way you will always have to sleep to avoid sudden death.

It is sometimes believed that the best posture is to lie on his side, so as not to risk vomiting and choking. However, when the baby has burped there is no risk.

4. Delicate part

The buttocks are very delicate therefore the diaper should be changed frequently to avoid allergies or irritation. Take care to clean perfectly and remove moisture between the folds.

5. Avoid scented baths

Baby’s skin is very delicate, try to use neutral soap and avoid products with a lot of alcohol and aromas. The umbilical cord wound does not need a bandage while it heals, you can bathe normally and then dry the navel area, placing a clean gauze.

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All babies are different in their behavior, however, these tips can be consulted with a specialist to give you greater peace of mind. Enjoy the wonderful stage of being a mother!

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