At What Age Will You Know The Definitive Eye And Hair Color Of Your Baby?

Was your baby born with light eyes or hair and you don’t know if it will keep the color? The scientific answer will remove your doubts.

In the course of time when the birth of a baby is expected, future parents begin to ramble thinking about the physical characteristics that they will have, questioning, what will their face be like, what will be the color of their eyes and hair, what color of skin, among other things.

Some years ago, when my son was born, I had the surprise of my life, since when I met him and carried him for the first time, I saw his blue eyes and blond hair, his physical characteristics were related to my grandfather. However, as the years passed, the color of his eyes and hair changed.

Why does the color of eyes and hair change in babies?

Without fear of being wrong, it is a common question from most parents. The answer is very simple, when it comes to eye color, it refers to the appearance of the iris, the muscular ring around the pupil that controls the amount of light that enters the eye, it is changed by the protein called melanin. The eyes change color because melanocytes respond to light, because they have spent their entire lives in darkness.

Blue, green, brown and black eyes

The color of the eyes depends on the structure of the iris and the amount of pigment they contain, that is why most babies are born with blue or gray eyes, due to the low presence of melanin, as it is exposed to light. from the sun, the melanocytes produce a pigmentation membrane.
Over time the melanocytes secrete a little melanin, so the baby will have blue or green eyes and when the melanocytes have finished their process for a whole year, the eyes will possibly look brown or black. If your baby has dark eyes from the first months, this color will be definitive. According to experts, the color is defined after the first six months of life to one year.

What about the hair?

Melanin also defines the various hair tones, such as: brown, blonde, red, black, etc. However, here Mendel’s laws will determine the concentration and type of melanin, for dark hair it is known as eumelanins and for light hair pheomelanins, the mixture causes the natural color of the hair.

Newborns have less melanin, but as they grow and are exposed to the sun, production increases and thus the color intensifies.

Remember that the hair with which your baby is born is not final, it falls out during the first months of life, specialists assure that at six months the definitive hair begins to grow, so approximately one and a half years later, the color of hair will be what you will have.

However, the hair color or baby eyes are not so relevant, just because they were born, they will brighten up the parents’ lives. Enjoy your baby to the fullest! Regardless of their physical characteristics, remember “for every mother her child will always be beautiful”

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