Are You Sure You Chose Your Lingerie Well Today?

It is said that 80% of women do not wear a bra suitable for themselves. Keep reading and find out if you are part of that number.

Currently, stereotypes of female beauty show us extremely thin women, usually wearing “sexy” lingerie. However, few women outside of the catwalks and advertising possess the bodies that magazines and television show us. Therefore, few women can use such lingerie, as it is not suitable for their body and their daily activity.

Correctly choose lingerie is not just a matter of fashion or vanity, it is also important for health: wear a bra or bra in design, material and size that are not right for you, may cause you back pain, neck and shoulders; poor posture leading to spinal problems and even damage to the delicate breast tissue. In addition, choosing well the intimate garments that you are going to use also defines a good part of your image, and therefore, of your self-esteem and security. Therefore, I present three basic tips to help you choose your lingerie correctly:

1. Choose the correct size

This is the first step, and where almost all of us go wrong! According to a study by a famous company that manufactures women’s underwear, 80% of women do not wear the correct size of bra. As you well know, most of the brands that sell these garments offer sizes composed of a number and a letter, which combined give you the correct size for you.

The numerical part of the size (32, 34, 36, etc.) corresponds to the measurement in inches of the contour of your torso, taken just below the bust line. Measure yourself with a tape measure, if you mark an odd number, you must add an inch to it and you will have your correct back size. On the other hand, the alphabetic component, the letter, corresponds to the size of the glass. This is obtained by circling your torso again, but now at the level of the nipples. When measuring you, the tape should be tight, but not tightening or deforming your breasts. Once you get this measurement, also in inches, you must subtract the first measurement from it. For example, if you got 39 inches on the second measurement, and 36 on the first, subtract 39-36 = 3. The result of this operation (in the example, 3) will give you the cup size you are, according to this table:

  • 0.5 to 1, cup A

  • From 1.5 to 2, cup B

  • From 2.5 to 3, cup C

  • From 3.5 to 4, cup D

  • From 4.5 to 5, DD cup

And so on. The most common brands manufacture from A cups to DDD, but there are also some others with larger cup and back sizes. Even if you have your exact measurements, before buying a new bra you should try it on; sizes often vary slightly depending on the model and brand. Remember not to squeeze you anywhere, or pull you “chubby” somewhere. If you choose a model with underwires, they should not mark your skin, alter the shape of your breasts, hurt them or “pinch” them.

Stereotypes of female beauty dictate that the “ideal” size is 34B, which is why lucky female owners will hardly ever struggle to find a wide variety of models and colors. The further you move away from that measure, the more difficult it will be to find the right size, but don’t be discouraged: more and more companies manufacture a wide variety of sizes, in models as beautiful as they are efficient.

2. Take care of the colors

In general, it is essential that every woman has at least one white bra, one black and one nude or nude. Currently there are garments in a wide variety of colors and even prints, which are very youthful and fun. If you are a woman under 30, you can afford to try bold colors that match your clothes; but if you go over that age, it is better to opt for more sober and elegant models, just in case at some point you see something of your underwear in the daily bustle.

In this sense, something else: women’s underwear can be very beautiful, delicate and sensual, but it stops being elegant when you deliberately show it on the street. Take care that the color of your bra goes according to your clothes, so that under a white blouse a red bra does not stand out, for example. When you wear black outerwear, it is best to wear black underwear; not so with white outerwear: in these cases, it is better to wear skin-colored garments. Pay special attention to this advice if you wear clothes with transparencies.

3. Models according to your body and your activity

Look for those models that suit your needs, according to your body and activity. For example, if you have a generous bust, opt for full cups and wide straps, and avoid push-up bras; but if you want to highlight a small bust, these are an excellent option, as well as those with a half cup. Observe the shape of your breasts and choose the models that do not hurt, mark or deform them. If you exercise, invest in special clothes that give you the necessary support for activities such as running and jumping, thus avoiding tears and stretch marks.

Take care of your body and remember that there is no size or shape that is better or more beautiful than another. Your body is perfect because it is full of vitality: it regenerates and adapts, it can create life and the ideal food for it to be maintained and flourish. So no, size 34 B is not ideal. The perfect size is yours, mine, everyone’s.

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