Are Video Games Really That Bad?

A child who goes out with his friends to the streets to play marbles or ride a bike is already an image of the past. Today children have fun and entertain themselves in very different ways, video games being one of the most questionable

In every meeting I have with parents to talk about their children’s problems, the topic of video games always comes up as the main cause of all academic conflicts, including even conduct disorders and eating disorders.

Out of every 10 parents I interviewed, 9 consider that video games corrupt their children in some way, but in all cases without exception, parents continue to buy or give them to them, and all the rewards or punishments for their behaviors are based on giving or withdrawing video games in relatively short periods.

What are the negative aspects of video games?

We often hear that video games have endless negative aspects for children’s development, so below I will point out some of those that I consider most relevant.

1. Excessive violence, hypersexual characters and vulgar language

Children do what they hear and what they see. It is a matter of hours for a child to integrate the words that the game shows her into her vocabulary, even imitating the accent and pronunciation. In this way, it doesn’t take long for him to start “playing” with his friends the same things he experiences in the game, and the images of super-stylized and sexualized bodies remain in his mind.

2. Stress and anxiety

There are competition games that can develop a lot of stress or anxiety in infants, there are even some that generate a certain addiction due to the chemicals that the brain produces while playing. Many children and adolescents tend to play at night hidden from their parents and sleeping until dawn, which obviously generates problems with their learning.

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3. Overweight

Children spend hours in front of the screen, stopping playing other things and keeping their physical movement to a minimum. Even mechanically they play eating a sandwich or frying, while the kilos settle in their body generating obesity and other possible diseases.

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4. Internet risks

When looking for new games, many children make mistakes such as giving personal information or making contact with strangers. At other times they lose money and damage expensive computers by downloading virus-laden programs.

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5. Equipment is expensive

This type of equipment is regularly very expensive and effortlessly reaches the hands of children who do not know what it costs to obtain the money, nor have they made any significant effort to obtain it. They just as easily damage them, neglect them and hope that they will soon be restored to continue playing.

Are there any positives to video games?

That 1% of parents and teachers who do not blame video games for children’s misbehavior, have told me the positive side of this activity.

1. Concentration

Children who play video games concentrate faster and achieve longer concentration processes. If they play strategy games they further develop their skills to solve problems and puzzles.

2. Eye-hand coordination

This in the reading-writing process is very valuable, since it allows this skill to develop more quickly and with greater fluency.

3. Visual acuity and dexterity

It is surprising the acuity and visual dexterity that children achieve, this is reflected in their reading as well as in the search for details and jobs that require careful observation.

4. There are educational games or physical activity

These types of options are excellent. They are usually fun, encourage competition, and are interactive, as many can be played in pairs or groups. It’s all about checking the titles on your next game search.

5. They are a reason for socialization

Contrary to what is thought, there are many shy children who through video games manage to excel in this field, make conversation and compete with other children. Families also have another meeting point when they play together or ask about their children’s tastes and interests.

Video games can be in your favor in the work of being a father if you remember the key: dosage and supervision. Remember that nobody is going to do it for you.

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