April, The Miracle Girl From Argentina.

April, the girl everyone asked for a miracle for, gave us a tremendous life lesson. Do not miss this news

During 2004 Argentina witnessed one of the greatest feats of modern medicine. The first coronary transplant of an incompatible organ was carried out successfully. But the data is even more surprising, since this operation took place between two little girls barely 18 months old. The story of Abril and Ayelén began when in a traffic accident where Ayelén lost her mother and sister. While she had to fight for long 7 days with a skull fracture that finally took her life.

At that same moment, Abril, began to suffer complications from an adenovirus that lodged in the heart and whose only solution was a coronary transplant.

At that time, the only thing left for Abril’s family was to pray for a miracle. Enrique, Ayelén’s father heard the prayers and selflessly offered to donate Ayelén’s heart to save Abril’s life.

This is how doctors Horacio Vogelfang and Gerardo Naiman decided to run the risk of applying a Canadian protocol for cross-blood transplantation of which there was only two antecedents in the world. But there was no other option but to risk it, there was a 50% chance that everything would turn out successfully or that it would fail outright.

Fortunately everything turned out well and today April turned 15 years old. And as is customary in her country, her parents organized a big party to celebrate with her friends and family.

Without a doubt, the occasion was full of emotion. But there was one detail in particular that marked the occasion and made all the guests emotional to tears. As is customary, April was expected to enter on the arm of her father, Sergio. However, it was she herself who asked Enrique Pereyra, Ayelén’s father, to come in with her.

The proposal took Enrique by surprise, for which he rejected it in the first instance, arguing that this place belonged to his father. To which he replied “We are both his parents.” Then he accepted excitedly and told him that it would be an honor for him.

The moment of entry was accompanied by music and no guest could be indifferent to the special moment they were witnessing. After all, April was a miracle come true.

April, who is already a teenager, dreams of studying medicine, to be able to thank science for saving her life at such an early age. Without a doubt, she is today a source of inspiration for the Garrahan Hospital doctors who have cared for her since she was a baby, and who also attended the party.

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