Applications For New Mothers, And Not So Much

Becoming a mother is one of the best moments of a woman, but it is not easy to remember all the tasks of this new life. Some mobile applications can help you to be victorious in this change of life.

Being a mother is not an easy matter, because many times it means being a mother and father at the same time, a nurse, a teacher (teacher), a counselor, a psychologist, a friend, an accountant, an event organizer and many other things that many times we cannot even imagine. However, times and technology have gradually alleviated in one way or another the multiple tasks that we must face every day. In this sense, cell phones or tablets (tablets) have not wanted to be left behind and offer different applications to keep everything under control. Some alternatives you can find are:

1. Lullabies For Babies

If you consider that singing is not your thing, you can use this application that contains different lullabies to lull your baby.

2. White Noise Baby

Many babies and young children experience difficulty falling asleep without the television on, greatly increasing each family’s monthly electricity bill. However, this application provides different white noise sounds that help the little ones find a pleasant sound to be able to have a restful sleep. In addition, you can program it to turn off after a reasonable amount of time, this way you will also take care of your battery.

3. My pregnancy a day

Keeping track of your belly growth has never been so easy, because with this application you can save the best pictures of your pregnancy, share ultrasounds and heartbeats with family and friends. Help with childbirth preparation issues, count the number of contractions you have, and indicate if your labor has actually started. As if that were not enough, bring a locator to see the closest hospital to where you are.

4. What name will we give it?

If you haven’t decided what to call your little one yet, it’s time to turn to the different apps that deliver various suggestions, depending on their creed, culture, or taste.

5. My baby every day

Having a calendar with the development of the baby is one of the things that takes up the most time, but with this tool, it becomes somewhat easier to cope with. In this application you will be able to find answers to your questions, plan activities for both of you to have fun, get tips for caring for your baby, eating and, of course, you will find information of interest to you as a woman.

Do not stop making the most of the different tools that technology gives you to plan your new daily life in a simple, comfortable and effective way. I invite you to click on the link if you want to know some apps that will help you during pregnancy.

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