An Inspiring Story That Will Keep You Believing In True Love

True love, love endures the worst storms, and this story shows us its overwhelming strength.

The love story of Jonathan Neal Grant and Laura Browning Grant, began like all, full of illusions and dreams. The US Marine and Combat Medicine instructor and Pilates instructor married in North Carolina in 2002.

As they were about to celebrate their fifth anniversary, Jonathan suffered a terrible car accident that left him in a coma with a severe injury called diffuse axonal damage.

This type of injury greatly affects the functions in organs and muscles, and almost 90% of those who suffer them, remain in a vegetative state or suffer serious mobility problems. This happens because communication between neurons is compromised, causing what is known asdemyelination.

After her husband suffered this complicated injury, Laura was devastated. However, she decided to accompany her husband on the journey to his recovery in an active and loving way.

If you think you can, fight; I’ll be with you”

When they were in the clinic to admit her husband, Laura whispered in his ear: « If this is too difficult for you, let yourself go, I’ll be fine. But if you want to fight, I will accompany you all the way . And that’s what he has done.

In your account Instagram , He has shared his experiences accompanying Jon in his slow recovery from his severe brain injury.

Seek God’s purpose

In a letter in her own handwriting on the aforementioned social network, Laura affirms that since the accident, her husband is not the same. She is agitated, confused, she looks like a child; but at the same time, it is coming back to life.

It has been a painful experience for her, however, she constantly refers that she tries to live each moment as a miraculous gift from God.

Many say that after a brain injury, the person is never the same again. I would rather say that after a brain injury, God gives himself the opportunity to adapt the brain to its purpose for that person . ” Write Laura, and continue:

« What is the true purpose of life on earth? Live our life and be perfect in our eyes. Not living what is known as a purposeful life, but seeking God’s purpose. “

“I don’t understand it, and it saddens me”

On September 24 of last year, Laura published a bit of her daily experience about how she communicates with her husband:

“With patience and many therapies, Jon has been able to establish contact with the world around him. It has been proven that his brain functions are maintained, but it is very difficult for him to establish connection outwards, especially verbally.

Occasionally, they ask me if I understand their babbling. The truth is that I constantly feel that he is speaking in an unfamiliar language, and although I try to understand every attempt he makes, I rarely succeed » .

“God sustains me”

Faced with this situation, she sometimes gets frustrated and suffers: « I imagine myself locked in a box and with no way out. I can’t help but feel a kick in the stomach. How will Jonathan feel about not being understood in what he wants to communicate? Ultural She wonders.

It is in moments like this, when Laura remembers that God always brings us forward. ” It’s a long and difficult road, but I know there are still big plans for Jon, ” he reflects. In addition, Laura consoles herself by saying, “ God does understand what he wants to tell us! »

How to overcome such a tough test?

Definitely, Laura and Jon are an example of marriage. It is not easy for anyone to overcome the day-to-day demand for time and attention that their husband requires, and also, to do everything with love.

Laura, who has left her Pilates studio to take care of her husband full time, is very clear on how to get ahead of her experience, and I share it with you here:

1 Faith, and an intense relationship with God

“Without this, I could already be in pieces, but the Lord, instead, gives me peace, hope, intuition, energy and much more, to fight alongside my husband,” she says.

2 Physical and mental strength

I try to find time for myself. I often find it when going for a run. The best thing is that this time, I also take advantage of it to surrender to God, and it gives me perspective, guidance and clarity.

For her, each day is different, but she tries to stay balanced, in order to be able to take on what is presented as the challenge of the new days.

“I’m human, sometimes I can’t go on”

One of the most impressive reflections that Laura has shared in her accountOn Instagram, it’s about exhaustion in your fight, and if you ever think about giving up. Your answer couldn’t be more valuable:

Sometimes I feel I can not go on . We go a little forward and we take a lot of steps back. I can’t say that I don’t want to give up, because I’m human. However, when I can’t go on, I don’t. I get out of the way, I cry, I pray. I constantly remember the story of Job “, writes Laura with her heart in her hand.

Do you remember this character from the Bible? In its bookIt tells us that God allowed the blessings that he had to be taken from him one by one: his material goods, his family and his health. But Job remained faithful to God. After a while, God healed Job, and little by little he allowed him to regain his possessions and start a family again. All thanks to his enormous loyalty.

“The evil of the brain injury will not make us give up, ” he says. And more, when you hear the two words that your husband repeats constantly: God and Love.

True love

Stories like these are a balm of hope for the world’s marriages. They remind us that love and faith can do everything. They remind us that together, husband and wife, can tackle the biggest problems. They remind us that, with the hand of God, we will overcome any situation.

And you, have you had difficult experiences in your marriage? Do you still keep your faith alive?

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