Always Forgive, And Free Yourself From The Burden Of Resentment

It is difficult to forgive someone who hurts you, but it is easier to do so than having to deal with the burden of resentment all your life.

“Forgiveness falls like soft rain from heaven to earth.

It is twice blessed;

bless the one who gives it and the one who receives it.

William Shakespeare

It is difficult to forgive someone who hurts you, but it is easier to do so than having to deal with the burden of resentment all your life.

For a long time I confused what forgiveness was. For me it was much simpler to carry the weight of the wound eating away at my mind. That of being humble, of “forgetting the offense” was simply something for the weak and no, I was not weak.

Yes, I was poisoned for years and that made me more bitter than it should. Yes, it also made me strong, but also lonely and suspicious. However, this changed radically until I understood the liberating power of forgiveness.

Life shows you the way

You have to learn what forgiveness is. To forgive is not to tolerate each affront to the point of humiliation without saying anything at all. No human being, however humble and good he may be, can eternally tolerate so much poison. Forgiving is not  forgetting the offense either. Forgetting is really impossible for people.

Forgiveness is being able to remember the offense without the memory of the offense generating pain or desire for revenge. For me, discovering the above was revealing.

At first it is difficult to overcome the pain, I will not deny it; however, time andresiliencehelp to be able to understand things. In addition, you learn to leave the situation in the hands of time or fate.

It’s not karma, it’s a matter of physics

As a joke I always tell my family that “Nobody leaves the store without paying for what they buy.” What I mean by this expression is that no person dies without life taking back the offenses or the damage done to others.

It is that the same nature teaches Newton’s third law, when it says that “Each action generates a reaction, and the latter will have the same force that you gave to the first.”

It is the same with justice at the hands of life. No person can escape the consequences of their actions; everything, everything at all, both good and bad deeds, receive their deserved reward. It is for that reason that not forgiving and holding a grudge is harmful and meaningless.

Now, it’s not about “since life takes everything, then I’ll watchfully wait for him to pay for what he did to me,” either.

The question is forgivethe damage they did us and continue life as best as possible. Whether or not you want to continue talking to the person who harmed you or not is up to each of us.

The liberating nature of forgiveness

Forgiving requires you to decide. Once you have made the decision to forgive, you let go of all your pain. You do not need to have the person who hurt you in front of you, only cry if you need to discharge the anger, the pain of betrayal, sadness and frustration and then pray for strength to achieve your purpose.

It’s going to take you a long time; However, little by little you will realize that remembering that event that marked you so much with pain and anger, it no longer hurts.

Another important thing about forgiveness, besides its effect healer and liberator, is that you also learn the lesson. It’s great to realize that you will never make the mistakes of the past.

Let the universe take over

Life goes on, you may or may not have the person who harmed you around, but the reality is that you realize it or not, life will take care of taking the bill for the injury they did to you. The important thing is not to expect that “revenge”, that would not be anywhere near forgiving.

What is certain is that life goes on. The damage caused may have left you a lot of suffering, but you should not make anyone pay for your mistrust, it is like making that person pay what someone else did to you, it is not fair in any way. This is an important part of healing through forgiveness.

Life teaches you that no matter how much time passes, we are here to learn valuable life lessons. Some can be learned by the example that others give us with their experiences; However, forgiveness is something that is only learned through personal experience and is achieved with time and willpower.

Whether it is a teaching from a family member, whether you follow the advice of a sacred book or the guidance of a spiritual teaching, forgiveness will never fail to have that restorative magic that frees and fills the path to love with light.


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