All-proof Mother, See What She Does To Exercise Every Day

Mother uploads video to YouTube, where she shows how she manages to do her physical gymnastics activity despite the constant intervention of her three children.

A video with pure adrenaline

33-year-old Rosie Caston from Long Island, New York, decided to film herself during her gymnastics practice, which apparently is nothing strange, the interesting thing is with those who perform her daily routine.

Rosie is the mother of three little ones, James (4), Rose (3) and Joseph (18 months), all three are part of their practice and not necessarily because they also exercise, on the contrary, in the video you can see how they Little ones play around her, and the mother takes advantage of her children’s every movement to harden her practice.

According to what was published in the Daily Mail, the intention of this health and physical conditioning coach wanted to show that it is possible to be in physical condition, and take time to do gymnastics, regardless of whether you have small children at home.

Rosie’s creativity shows that there are no excuses for not doing this type of practice, on the contrary, as seen in the video, she takes advantage of the intervention of her children, to harden their training, lifting them with extra weight.

However, she prefers to do her routine at 5 AM, while the children are still sleeping, admitting that she naturally needs her time to herself.

Benefits for the whole family

The coach affirms that exercising surrounded by children has several benefits such as:

  • Children naturally learn the importance of exercise in their lives.

  • Parents have the opportunity to be their children’s first teachers.

  • Children learn by example.

  • A way to show love for them.

  • It will benefit your own health, now and in the moment.

  • Bring the family together through an activity.

  • Children use up their spare energy.

Quality time with the children

It is proven that spending time with your children doing an activity is very beneficial for each member of the family, but not everyone can do it, so when planning an activity it is important to prioritize the quality of time and not the quantity.

Like Rosie’s example, she with one simple daily activity how to do exercises together, allows her children to learn and share quality time together.

In an article published by Semana, the psychologist Gloria Mercedes Isaza, explains that it is important to establish a connection with children, understanding their feelings and emotions and explains why:

“When we do it, they feel welcomed, understood and valued. They grow in the assurance that they have a relevant place in our lives and that they are important in the family ”, and to achieve this it is important to spend quality time together with them.

The specialist shares some ways to spend short but meaningful moments with the children:

– Take advantage of the morning while getting ready to go to school:

Personally, I can say that during these years in which I have taken my son to school before going to work, they have been the best moments I have shared with him, the best conversations, sincere and necessary, time where we have laughed, listened your favorite music or just shared the silence.

– Talk about the family:

Spending time talking about family, who is there and who has already left, creates an important foundation of belonging, as well as sharing family stories.

– Use board games:

I know that this is something that has been almost completely abandoned, and has been replaced by electronic games, the important thing is to spend time with the children playing, each one can choose. Personally, I love putting together difficult puzzles, which are on the table for weeks, and everyone in the house takes time to add a piece until it is completed.

– Laugh at yourself:

Many times we get used to talking to them just to get their attention or talk about things at school. Getting together to laugh at a joke or at yourself relaxes and makes us happier.

– Cook together:

Once my oldest son told me, “Mommy, you can see family love in the kitchen.” It caught my attention tremendously because I’m not a cooking lover, but it was obvious that he enjoyed it when I did it.


Whatever each family decides to do, remember that the most important thing is to create a connection with the children so that they can feel that they belong to a family and have a home.

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