Age Raises The Level Of Pain Prevents!

Age contributes so that a pain that you had when you were young increases its intensity. Know how to prevent it

Over time, older people become more prone to various diseases, they become more delicate and more prone to pain, which can significantly alter the nervous system and thus become a chronic discomfort.

17% of adults in their 30s have chronic pain in the United States, while 57% of people over 65 have it. On the other hand, between 35 to 48% of them experience daily pain.

The University of Florida has conducted several studies in which it has been able to verify that older adults experience more common and intense inflammation processes than young people.

The elderly who suffer from a health problem that causes inflammation (in the skin or in the internal organs) produce more acute incites to the brain.

The intensity of any pain has always been related to age (although this is not always the reason, it will depend on other aspects), therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to the people around you who could be experiencing some ailment and he does not dare to tell you or he has not realized it.

How to identify if an acquaintance is in pain?

I. Produces noisy breathing

II.Your appetite has decreased considerably

III.It feels sad, depressed, desperate, aggressive or angry

VI.You have suffered changes in your sleep (you sleep a lot or hardly sleep)

V. Sit or lie in one position to avoid pain

VI produces some agitation or stimulation

VII Produces cries, moans, frowns or sighs

Eliminate pain without medication

There are various effective medications in reducing or disappearing pain, however it is also important to avoid them as much as possible so as not to affect other organs of your body, that is why I present you some options that I hope will be useful to you.

1. Activity

One of the main ills that afflict people are pains related to the bones, the heart or joints among others, so it is necessary that despite the constant sleep that can be felt, they try to walk daily and move all the limbs.

2. Temperature

Heat is recommended to reduce pain and muscle spasms either with a gel or compresses applied to the injured area for 20 or 30 minutes. On the other hand, cold is also recommended to reduce pain and inflammation, in this case ice bags or compresses are used to reduce discomfort.

3. Self-management

In order to self-control pain, it can also be very useful to go to a specialist in the field and carry out programs that serve to control discomfort, the effect that it can cause in your life and those around you, equally They provide coping, relaxation and communication techniques.

Of course, it is best to go to the doctor to find out first what is happening and depending on this, act! Do not forget that for the elderly this circumstance is not pleasant at all and can cause a poor quality of life. Today they are, tomorrow you will be. Take care of them!


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