After Reading These Lines You Will Never Make Jokes With Your Daughter’s Boyfriend

After reading these lines you will realize that you are doing a lot of harm to your daughter if you keep joking with her boyfriend.

Surely if someone at this minute invited you to recall a moment from your childhood, you would smile remembering some of the many mischief you used to do. However, if you go back even further in your memories, surely you will also be able to relive the many times that you were joked for being very close to a friend and an adult told you hundreds of times that when they were older they were going to get married.

And it is that these types of jokes are always made, as if young children could measure what the matter is about. This is why Mary Sauer, a freelance writer, who spends most of her time researching and exposing about parenting and childhood issues, decided to write about it. And it is that according to commented, the lines were motivated at the moment when his little daughter of only 5 years old began to receive inappropriate comments to try to pigeonhole the type of relationship he had with his 2 best friends, and what Worst of all, these incomprehensible words were spoken by the adults around her.

However, none of them was able to see that behind the closeness of their little daughter with her friends has little and nothing to do with love issues, for the same reason she referred to the situation as follows: «Her innocence and her devotion without discrimination is exactly the reason why I get so angry at adults that they tease her by saying she has a boyfriend. “

readShe turned 21 and for the last time in her life received a gift from her father. The reason why he won’t give her any more gifts is as sad as it is heartwarming.

But this not only has to do with the perspective that motherhood has given her, as she assures that these types of comments have affected her life in a negative way as well. For when she was a teenager, she had a long-term friendship with a schoolmate, yet both were encouraged to acknowledge what they “really felt” and this ended up abruptly driving them away.

That is why, as a result of his own experience, he wants to convey the following to us:

  • Friendship between men and women is possible

Regardless of how old you are, it is always good to have a friend to be able to have a good time or simply a shoulder to mourn the deep sadness that may overwhelm us. And this little and nothing has to do with the sex of each one, because it is only about having the desire to be and support the other.

  • There are jokes that can destroy

Although for some they are only words to the wind or even some types of jokes have been normalized by society, these can also cause irreparable damage, as in the case of Mary, who lost her friend.

  • Children are children

No one should feel entitled to tell a child that they are in love or that they are someone’s boyfriend. Childhood is the only stage of life where prejudices and great fears are not known. So let’s let the children enjoy their stage, living one day at a time.

  • Love is something deep and it deserves respect

We cannot teach children that love is only about jokes and jokes, it must be known that it is a subject that deserves respect, since it usually occurs in the intimate area of ​​people. A place where few can really go.

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