Adopting A Cat Lengthens Life And Improves Health

If you still do not have a pet in your family, perhaps these reasons could convince you to adopt one that fills your home with more love and health.

Animals and humans have been in contact for a very long time. Through history we have created a strong bond of love and connection with some species. Such is the case with cats, who in the ancient world were worshiped for their beauty and majesty.

Currently these animals are usually part of many homes, where they live full of pampering, love and patience. They are an excellent company for children or adults, as they have unique qualities and the most diverse, curious and fun personalities.

Unfortunately, many kittens are not so lucky, they live on the streets, helpless and sad. Sometimes they lose their lives due to lack of food, and is that due to the lack of reproductive control and the abandonment by their owners, they end up having several litters per year.

Because of this, many small cats need to be adopted. So to encourage you to adopt one, (or better several), here are some of their best-kept secrets of how they improve our health, according to researchers.

Bringing a kitten home improves your heart health 

This is stated by the Iseni Foundation and the Malpensa Heart Center, in a study conducted in 2018; since one of the many benefits that can be obtained from feline companionship is with respect to some heart diseases.

The mechanism of this beneficial relationship is directly in contact with the cat’s hair, since it produces oxytocin (which is the happiness hormone). Stroking them is pleasant and calms us down.

This acts positively on the heartbeat and heart rate, which is immediately reflected on blood pressure, stabilizing it. All this, therefore, produces enormous benefits at the cardiovascular level, prolonging and improving the quality of life of the owners of the kittens.

Fight stress, depression and anxiety

The meows and purrs of kittens can act positively in the sphere of stress-related disorders, depressive disorders, and anxiety syndrome.

According to Dr. Nicholas Nicastro of Cornell University, in Great Britain, cats that meow more pleasantly and pleasantly are better accepted within human society than those that do it raucously.

After thousands of years of living with humans, cats have learned to choose the meows that please us the most to get what they want. And in return, we reward them with more caresses, delicious and filling meals, and even the most comfortable chair, all to make them happy.

 No, not only they are benefited by meowing sweetly

These sounds and purrs also relax patients living with these conditions, which is essential for their treatments. In this case, the sound is what works by stimulating the brain, which produces hormones of happiness, favoring and accelerating the recovery of these patients.

Your stool could prevent cancer

With the number of cancer cases on the rise worldwide, finding a cure for this disease is a priority for many researchers.

Now, a team of scientists from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in the US has discovered that  a parasite found in cat feces could be used tocreate a vaccine against cancer.

 The parasite in question is a protozoan. Its scientific name is Toxoplasma gondii that usually lives in the intestines of warm-blooded animals, especially those of cats Thus, experts are convinced that cat feces could be the key to a cure for cancer, since it would have anti-cancer properties.

When this parasite enters the human body it produces a cell-building response that effectively fights cancer. Well, even though cancer strikes the immune system , the parasite can help to “turn it on” thus stopping the progression of the cancer, and therefore improving the health of the patient.

Human testing has not yet been done

Because the parasite can cause toxoplasmosis disease, direct testing has not been done in cancer patients.

In the tests, mice that were inoculated with a mutant parasite called “cps”, which is an intestinal parasite unable to replicate, were used. This is to make sure it worked exclusively as a vaccine, eliminating the possibility of it evolving to toxoplasmosis, and not putting patients at risk.

And although it is still a long way from being tested in humans, this is already a great advance, in the much desired eradication of cancer.

After learning about these eccentric benefits of having a kitten as a companion animal, perhaps you can convince yourself to open a “hole” in your heart, grow your family and provide a warm home to one of these charismatic animals, who without knowing it can contribute a lot to human health.

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