Adolescents With Obesity. 5 Ways To Help Them

Our teenage children suffer a lot from overweight and obesity. How to help them? Here are 5 tips.

There are many problems that our children can have when they are obese or overweight, apart from seriously affecting their health, it also affects their self-esteem, their security and their relationships with those around them.

As parents we can help our children to prevent them from going through unpleasant situations, creating good eating habits at home. For this I leave you these tips that will help you guide them and change their way of seeing life with new goals and fostering their self-love.

1. Take care of your diet

We must promote a change in diet: avoid foods fried in fats and oils, eliminate excess pasta and flours, and complement your children’s diet by increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables at least twice a day.

If you notice that your children have put fish aside, it is time to return it to their diet, there are many rich and inexpensive varieties that you can get almost in any self-service store, you do not always need to prepare it fried, it can be steamed, shredded with hot sauce or grilled and it will make your children’s food healthier. Make sure that your children do not consume food outside the home, so you will better control their diet for their well-being.

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2. Motivate him to change

This is a very important aspect that we must take care of in our children: that they learn to stay motivated for a better physical performance and we do not allow them to feel abandoned or repressed.

One way to do this is to remind them with very good communication that they are very important and that neglecting their physical activities at a young age will be detrimental in adulthood.

Inviting them to walk the dogs, walk them to the store, ask them to help you sweep the street, wash the car, or ask them to dance is a great way to motivate them to realize that they can do something for themselves if they start to experiencing obesity or being overweight.

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3. Know your goals

One way to help and support our adolescent children is by knowing what their goals and objectives are, so you can guide them, but for this you must teach them that having a healthy life is essential to achieve everything they set out to do. Remind them that love for ourselves is important to making us happy.

4. See a specialist

As I mentioned before, take care of food at home, but it will be easier if you go to a nutrition specialist to teach them to eat properly based on their age and needs, the specialist will guide our children to know the amounts that need for their development and needs, remember that we all have different organisms.

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5. Avoid sedentary lifestyle

If he is only dedicated to doing his homework and being at home, you should consider the option of enrolling him in a sports or gym, so he can exercise, he can relate to many people who will pursue the same goal.

Yes: many young people today reject exercise completely. Then you can provide options to distract her mind with artistic activities to develop her skills.

Remember that imposing a strict diet or constantly criticizing your child will not help his obesity problem at all, on the contrary, it will make him discouraged and not have self-esteem. Teach him to love himself.

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