Adolescent: What Others Think Of You Is Not As Valuable As Who You Are

If you are a victim of bullying, read the following article and you will know how to act about it.

The bullying and school violence is a situation that has existed for a long time, but only until recently has been given due importance. In high school I was the victim of attacks and teasing, so I used to cry a lot because of it. I vividly remember what those constant teasing made me feel, coupled with the environment at home that was not the best due to the separation of my parents. As if that wasn’t enough, I felt tiny compared to the other girls who, like me, were only 13 years old. Yes, adolescence is a difficult time for every human being, since what others say about you or what they do to you, is usually given more relevance than it actually has.

Despite these complex situations in my short life, I also remember very clearly that I only felt good and happy in my refuge, which was located in the great roots of the trees in the immense schoolyard, where I always took one of my Jules Verne books. There I read and imagined those wonderful places that he described with such accuracy in order to escape the suffocating environment that was suffocating me.

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Now that I am an adult and think about it better, I consider that I was drowning in a glass of water, since the situation was not as tragic as it seemed to me at the time. I know that many children, adolescents and young adults are going through difficult situations at the moment, which motivates me to give you some recommendations from the place of someone who suffered the same and with the intention that you can see what you are in a different way living.

1. Only what you think about yourself is important

People tend to judge others based on who they are, so giving value to what someone you don’t know says, thinks or does to affect you, is to give great importance. Just skip it and remain the young man or girl that you are, that makes you valuable and unique. Being different is not bad, the bad thing is allowing others to take the reins of your feeling in their hands, so do not grant them that power.

2. Ignore those who mistreat you

As long as they are nothing more than insults or silly words, just ignore them and “play deaf,” as my mom would say. If you respond to them or show that what they say has an effect on you, what you are going to do is “feed” the abuse. The insults and nicknames ignore them and sooner or later the situation will calm down.

3. Stand up for yourself whenever necessary

If the confrontation turns physical and involves hitting, talk to your parents, teachers, coordinators, and even your school principal. Some may not agree with what I will discuss below, but if you go to blows you can get more hurt than you think.

4. Show them that you are not what they think you are.

It is always better to show others that they are wrong about you. Show them that you are great in math, but also in public speaking or science, in martial arts and that you are also a great friend and that you are not alone. Think that those guys who criticize and mistreat you so much, see something in you that they want and that is the reason for their attacks.

Finally, fight and move on, believe me when I tell you that if one day you found yourself on your way in the future, I would surely say to you: «Relax, it will not last forever and you are strong, you will be someone happy thanks to these battles ».

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