According To Science, Motherhood Produces Some Not So Positive Changes In Women

Science will make you see motherhood differently.

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful joys in life. And even if you are somewhat exhausted and feel that you are no longer the same as before, you would not exchange the pleasure of having children for anything in the world. Not even if science says that motherhood causes so much stress that it makes us age faster than normal.

According to research carried out by George Mason University, in the United States, a part of the chromosomes of women are altered after having children. Specifically, the researchers concluded that having children – and actively raising them – causes women to age more quickly; even faster than smoking or being overweight. In other words, women who have been mothers accelerate cellular aging by up to 11 years.

I knew it!

It is true. Every time I look in the mirror I notice how different I look from the last 5 years. A woman is not the same after having children. And although it is true that many remain young and radiant, most of us lead an ordinary life and we put absolutely our whole body and soul in motherhood (and a lot of honor!).

So, after sleepless nights, years of picking up toys from the floor at 11 p.m., naps without drinking, and running through the aisles of the supermarket, you realize that your skin is not the same as before, your hair is not the same, and your much less patience. However, you also realize that you could never live without that little one that grew in your womb, and all that you miss him when he is not with you.

Shorter telomeres

Anna Pollack, one of the study’s authors, described the results: The group of scientists looked at 2,000 women between the ages of 20 and 44 and found that telomere shortening in mothers was comparable to that of childless women who had 11 years older. A telomere is the part of our chromosomes that is associated with age and longevity. As we age our telomeres naturally shorten, but when a woman has children those telomeres shorten more quickly. And if you have more children, they are shortened even more.

Mainly, telomere shortening has to do with stress, and does anyone doubt that motherhood is not a stressful activity ?, and long-term stress wears out our organs and brain. Scientists also warn that telometers are shortened by other activities, such as long commutes to work, sitting for many hours a day, and lack of sleep.

Try to stay afloat

It is already clear that motherhood ages us faster. But the truth is that it also keeps us mentally active. The key is to try that stress does not affect us too much so that it negatively impacts our body. Therefore, if you want to have a less stressful life, there are a series of measures that we can take according to Best Health Mag :

  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Exercising regularly

  • Keeping the brain active

  • Do not drink alcohol

  • Not going to work while sick

  • Have a pet

  • Spending time with our loved ones

Stressful, but happily exhausting

It is not about not having children, because the benefits of motherhood are much greater than simple wrinkles or extra pounds. The stress of motherhood is probably caused by excess responsibilities, never-ending worry, extreme tiredness, and lack of sleep. But none of all that, not even the idea of ​​aging faster, will make mothers change our minds: being a mother is still the greatest joy we have as a woman. And if you still have doubts, you will find the answer in your child’s smile.

And you, have you aged a lot since you became a mother?

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