According To Experts, Hugs Make Your Children Smart

We are proud that they are smart, awake and smart. Did you know that it is in your hands to make it so?

When a baby is born, the first thing a mother does is hold it in her arms. And so it will be for a long time. Babies experience the world through touch. And their brains don’t stop growing while that happens. And the more physical contact parents have with their baby, the greater the benefits.

In the embrace is the key

According to research, the first sensory experiences of a baby have lasting effects over time and positively affect brain development. That is, the more you caress and hug your baby, the more neural connections his brain will make, which translates into greater intelligence.

The findings that scientists have made highlight the importance of the baby’s first contacts with his mother, father or caregiver. And this is especially considerable in those babies who are born premature and must spend a lot of time in intensive care.

Nathalie Maitre of Nationwide Children’s Hospital says it is essential to ensure that premature babies are cared for and caressed, such as skin-to-skin contact from parents. That is why the human work of professionals within hospitals is so important, because when parents are not present, it is they who must provide physical contact to babies.

Greater development, greater intelligence

So the more you love your baby, the more intelligent he will be. Therefore, do not hesitate to carry him when you feel like it or when he asks for it. And much less listen to the theories that say letting a baby cry is good. Nothing like a comforting hug from mom.

Cradling your baby to sleep, caressing his face, gently massaging his feet are things that will make a big difference for the future. Affection has a significant impact on children’s brains, and the more affection you give your child, the more results you will see in their development.

Do not stop doing it

A newborn needs touch to feel safe, secure, and loved. They need to feel as calm as when they were in their mother’s womb.

In addition to the benefits for their cognitive and brain development, the caresses and affection that you give your child will make him a confident person with good self-esteem. Plus, he’ll enjoy mom’s hugs for a lifetime (even when he’s grown up).

Take your baby in your arms all you want

  • Caress her belly
  • Give him a few foot massages, that will relax him a lot
  • Get an ergonomic baby carrier, to carry it next to your body wherever you go
  • kiss it
  • Don’t stop petting and hugging him as he grows

Love always adds

Mom’s kisses are always a positive and beneficial thing. Don’t stop hugging your child as much as you can. He will thank you forever.

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