According To A Study, Women Who Want To Maintain Their Good Physical Appearance Should Only Have This Many Children

According to science, only this precise amount allows us to remain beautiful.

At a certain age, women do everything to look good. Creams, treatments, natural products. We look for everything to feel fresher and younger. Now, according to a study, none of that would be enough if you have more than 2 children, as this would result in an acceleration of faster aging.

The tension that a mother of three can feel is not always the same as a mother of one or two. And we do not say that children bring problems, but that the demand is as demanding as it is constant. Therefore, those mothers who dedicate themselves full time to their children will agree with the experts that more than two children makes us age more prematurely. Do you agree?

What the study says

According to Mirror, the study, led by the Jagiellonian University in Poland, and involving researchers from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, asked more than 500 people to judge photographs of middle-aged women. And the results showed that the people considered “less beautiful” were precisely those who had more than two children.

Scientists say that pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childcare affect the body by increasing oxidative stress, a chemical imbalance that ages prematurely.

The authors published the findings in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology and wrote, “We have shown that postmenopausal women who had fewer children were considered more attractive, younger, and healthier than women with more children, both men and women.”

Children accelerate aging

Already two years ago another Yale University study had shown that having children could accelerate the aging process of women: blood tests of postmenopausal women found greater DNA damage in women who had been pregnant at least four times .

But science doesn’t have to say. Is in sight. If you are the mother of at least two children, you will have noticed a resounding change in your life since you became a mother. Yes, I also feel a little “older” when I look in the mirror. When night comes, I am extremely tired, my waist hurts many times from putting toys together or lifting my children, and my skin no longer looks the way it used to, because my beauty routines that I followed perfectly before are now easily forgotten.

In any case, what science says does not always have a direct effect on our daily actions. Smiling too much also ages, as expression lines are marked a lot, and we will not stop doing it, right?

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Another study says otherwise

According to the Very Interesting site, another study contradicts the one that claims that multiple motherhood accelerates aging. This is a study carried out by Simon Fraser University in Canada, which suggests that the more children a woman has, the slower she will age.

The explanation may be given by an increase in the estrogen hormone that arises during pregnancy, which acts as a powerful antioxidant that protects cells against telomere shortening. Telomeres are the ends of each DNA strand that protect chromosomes from damage, and each time a cell replicates the telomeres become shorter, causing them to stop protecting chromosomes. According to this study, women with more children had this part of the DNA called telomere longer than other women without children.

As rewarding as it is tiring

The sleepless nights, the worries of daily life, the physical and mental effort to see our children grow up healthy and happy make that all our potential is at the service of their happiness. And although sometimes we feel that we are not as beautiful as before, or we do not have time for all the beauty treatments, or for that restorative nap that illuminates our skin, everything that is gratifying that the experience of a child gives us is like nothing. .

When we look into each other’s eyes with my husband and see all the effort we have put into this family, we laugh at how much we have “aged” in just a few years. But we always come to the same conclusion: it couldn’t have been otherwise. Here there were no full-time babysitters or absent parents; Here there was a lot of love translated into hours of games and sleepless nights, for the sake of this family that we long for. When I look in the mirror, before I see a face with small wrinkles, I see the face of a mother who is proud of everything she has achieved. My skin will look less luminous, but my heart has more light and youth than ever before.

And you, do you think that children age us?

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