A Woman Takes Her Dog For A Walk, She Never Thought That Thanks To His Intuition They Would Save A Baby’s Life

Doctors suspect his parents thought he was dead when they buried him, but abandonment is not ruled out as a reason.

A dog hero and the miracle of life

According to what was published in an article in the Newsner and the Telegraph, while Yang Jiali, a native of China, was walking her dog, she observed that the canine went towards some bushes and began to dig desperately, until she found the body of a baby buried alive .

The story went viral because thanks to this dog’s sixth sense, the newborn’s life was saved

The baby was taken to the hospital due to the conditions in which he arrived according to Dr. An Yue. «The baby looked pale, her breathing and heart rate were slow. She had a low body temperature and her mouth was full of mud.

Doctors suspect that the parents of this baby mistakenly buried him, assuming that he had died, as the baby had a serious health problem. Nor do they rule out the option that the parents probably abandoned the baby due to lack of financial resources. Without a doubt here the hero of the story is the dog who with his skill saved a life.

The abandonment of a baby at birth, a cruel reality

This story had a happy ending, because a life was saved, but it allows us to address a harsh reality that occurs everywhere, what is the abandonment of children at birth, either to be born in extreme poverty, or inadequate.

Surely, like me, with this news you have been horrified when reading others of the same nature in which a mother abandons her baby at birth, or was found in the garbage can, and surely you felt a lot of anger and helplessness, but the truth is that this problem is a reality worldwide and child protection organizations every year seek to reduce this high statistical number.

According to the Psychologist Isabel Cuadros, director of the Affection Against Child Abuse Association and advisor to the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, the reason why a mother abandons her baby lies in the way the bond between mother and baby is made , clarifying:

«In this direction there are many causes by which the bond can be interrupted: an unwanted pregnancy or the product of rape; because the mother has not had, in turn, a maternal presence and therefore cannot act as such; because the baby is born with some kind of disability or abnormality, or because the pregnancies and labor were difficult… There can be many causes. It has been shown that when that affective bond is broken, abandonment is the answer. And that abandonment is equivalent to killing the son.

A law that could save lives

The “Safe Haven” law is a law that allows parents to leave their babies confidentially and without risk of arrest.

The law establishes that if parents cannot have their baby under their care, as long as it is less than 7 days old, they can voluntarily surrender it to a hospital, health center, police station, Social Service Center, without giving any Explanation.

Parents may withdraw without charge, as long as they leave the baby without signs of physical abuse, and have given it to a responsible adult. The purpose of this law is the preservation of the life of babies, and prevent them from being left out in the open.

In Germany, they also introduced a similar law called “Anonymous Childbirth”, in an article published by El Comercio they explain about it:

“The law, which came into force on May 1, 2014, offers the possibility that pregnant women who do not want to keep their baby can give birth in a hospital without having to make their name known in what is called” childbirth anonymous “or” confidential “and whose costs are borne by the State.”

The right to life

This right belongs to every human being from conception and implies the protection of not being deprived of life by another human being. When a baby is born, parents are the ones who validate the rights of their children, not only giving them life but also an opportunity to LIVE.

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