A Walk On The Beach Caused Her Little Boy To Almost Lose Both Feet; His Mother Warns Of This Potential Danger

She never realized this danger until it happened to her son and now uses the nets to prevent it from happening to others.

The arrival of summer is synonymous with endless pleasant moments to live as a family and without a doubt, one of the most awaited moments by all are visits to the beach: making sand castles, eating ice cream in the sun, playing jump Waves, practicing some water sports and long walks along the seashore can make the summer season the most desired throughout the year for all members of the family.

However, summer does not always leave us with the sweetest memories. This is the story of Jacob, a boy just 3 years old, who almost lost both feet while running through the sand on a beach in Denmark.

The story dates back to 2013, however, his mother Katja Kafling decided to publish it on her social networks only a few weeks ago, because she learned of another case as horrible as that of her little son.

Jacob and his mother were out on Rosklide Beach in Denmark, having a nice day, when the boy started running barefoot across the sand, just like most people do. His mother, who was behind him, suddenly heard a terrible cry, it was her son. Looking at what had happened, he realized that Jacob had stepped on hot sand. The night before, someone had built a fire and instead of putting it out, they just dumped sand on it.

As a result, Jacob was burned so badly that when they took him to the hospital they could see pieces of his skin falling off. Upon arriving at the emergency room, the doctors told Katja that her son could lose both feet, as the injuries were too severe to save them. But luckily she came across some doctors who were able to give the proper treatment to save her little one’s feet.

Of course, not everything was so simple, because Jacob had to spend 1 year hospitalized, to perform the different surgeries where his skin was grafted, then he had to learn to walk and go through the hands of different health professionals in order to recover his life.

However, as parents we can rescue several lessons from this sad news:

  • Always wear suitable footwear on the beach

As extreme as it may sound, going barefoot in unfamiliar places can have undesirable consequences. Not only can we find fire, but also glass, badly extinguished cigarette butts, dangerous insects and other items that can leave a foot injury.

  • Always review the place where we will be

Whenever we go to the beach, the emotion is so great that we usually put our things and sit down at once. Well, this story shows us that although we feel that we are safe, this may not be the case. It is important to pay attention to where to leave things.

  • Establish emergency plans

All family members should know how to act in case of an emergency, so make it clear which are the telephone numbers in case of accidents, who to turn to and in case of loss, a meeting point so as not to fall into despair.

  • Always put out the fires

It doesn’t matter if it takes us 5 more minutes to get home, it is important that we make sure that the place where a fire has been lit is completely extinguished. Just a little water and leave it uncovered. NEVER cover it with sand to make it go out, the reasons are obvious.

Do not let this summer become a nightmare for you or someone else, be responsible and teach your children to be too, through your example.

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