A Waitress Reminded Him Of The Value Of Single Mothers, Reflecting On His Childhood

A waitress reminded her of the great work that single mothers do to raise their children

Any divorce, whether in friendly terms or not, harms the children, they begin to feel guilty that the parents are separated, their academic performance declines, they present social and emotional difficulties such as depression, fear or anxiety. It is not easy for children to overcome parental decisions. However, with time and maturity, they manage to accept the situation.

Just as many children are going through this situation, Sean Whalen, a single father of 3 children, experienced the pain and plot when his father after a strong argument with his mother, decided to kick them out of the house which he grew up with. As published in Viral Novelty and other media.

A painful memory

Sean Whalen, took one of his children to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, while they were enjoying their dinner, a waitress caught their attention, since she had a tired face, for more effort she made to smile, it reflected that she was not happy and that you want to go home. While the waitress served them, she did not stop praising the good behaviors of her son.

It was then that when he saw the waitress, it reminded him of his mother and the hard childhood he had after his parents’ divorce. From his tired and sad appearance, Sean deduced that the woman was a single mother, since he was working on a Wednesday night, to obtain money and to support his children.

A post on your social network

The waitress touched Sean, so much that he decided to write on his Facebook, all the feelings that came to mind after meeting her, recognizing the great work of single mothers and his own mother.

A painful childhood with learning

Sean remembers that the day his parents separated was etched in his mind, he relates that one day he saw his parents argue strongly, when he returned from school, he was surprised that his father had changed the locks on the house.

He painfully remembers how his mother begged his father to let them in at least to get clothes and valuables. The father rejected the request and consequently they had to ask the officers for help. With nostalgia, he recalls that the police officers gave him 10 minutes to take his belongings.

A new life

His mother, brother and he, moved to a small condominium, fortunately people from the church community, helped them by auctioning them of basic necessities. Remember that his mother didn’t have any money.

The love of a mother

Sean remembers his mother walking into the room countless nights praying and with tears in his eyes, he reflected his despair and anguish. But he never gave up on trouble! , she was able to support her brother and him.

The great work of single mothers

Now that Sean is a single father, he recognizes the great work many single mothers do to raise their little ones. Working hard hours, receiving low wages, neglecting your physical and emotional health.

Sean is aware that the tip will not make the waitress pay the rent or fill her refrigerator with food, however, she intends that when she receives the money, she manages to draw a smile.

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Challenges of single mothers

According to what was published in Excelsior, in Mexico almost 3 and a half million are single women, who have to raise their children. In their journey towards parenting they face different challenges:

1. Go through grief

Some women decide to be single mothers of their own accord. In other cases, the woman goes through the mourning either because of a love break, death of the father, or abandonment of the father.

2. Overcome the blame, prejudice, and stigma of raising a child alone

“For society” the family must be united by mom and dad. The children are the harmed by receiving school rejection.

3. Recognize the great work of being a father and mother at the same time

It is a great challenge, caring for, supporting, guiding, educating the children and supporting them financially. The burden is lightened when there are family members who can help.

4. Face the truth with your children

At some point they will have to know the history of the separation or divorce. Mothers must explain the truth of what happened, without having to speak ill of the former partner.

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Being a single mother is a blessing, the joy and love of children is not compared to anything in the world. Enjoy your independence and the great work you do every day. You are unique, brave and tireless fighter!

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