A Stranger Scared The Baby At Night, And The Scared Will Be You

His daughter cried at night and claimed to hear someone speak to her at night. Her parents didn’t see anything strange at first. Until they found out the truth!

For no apparent reason, your baby cried at night and claimed to hear voices. Mom and Dad were checking the room and they didn’t seem to detect anything unusual. They never imagined that they would somehow allow a stranger to enter their home.

In 2013, a Houston couple discovered that a hacker was yelling at their little girl, scaring and offending her. They had searched the room over and over again, and they did not suspect that the culprit was the modern baby monitor they had bought. In Canada, in July of last year, parents of families woke up in horror when they noticed creepy music coming from their monitor and a voice saying to them: “I’m looking at you.”

These cases are one of many reported in which a hacker or hacker manages to enter these devices connected to the Internet and invade the privacy of a home.

1. In general, monitors are easy to hack

Mark Stanislav, a researcher who analyzed more than eight baby monitors, says that for many of these companies that market these monitors, “safety is an afterthought.” The fact is that most of the products analyzed had very simple passwords that were impossible to modify, and it was easy for the same users to access the files on another device.

2. Camera + Internet = risk?

This researcher wants to make all parents aware that “when you put a camera connected to the Internet on your network, you are under a certain level of risk”, and therefore suggests that when the devices are not used, the camera is disconnected, since the problem is not just your baby being observed, but the vulnerability of your home. To illustrate this point, let’s take the case of a mother from Kansas who, while putting her baby in the crib, observed with terror that the camera on her monitor followed her every move.

This phenomenon is known as Creepware , a term that refers to the act of hacking a video camera in order to see what it captures.

According to the ComputerHoy.com site, “in the US there are already more than 700,000 people who are victims of this practice.”

There is a difference between local cameras that are on a site and ip cameras that are connected to the Internet. The latter are the ones that involve a risk.

3. How to prevent?

  • When you buy a baby monitor, be sure to register the product so that you can download all the updates to help you better protect your computer and your family.

  • Protect your modem by modifying the source password. In each one you can find the instructions, and if not, you can check with the company that provides the Internet connection service.

  • When you are not using the device, cover it or turn it off. If at the moment your baby is awake and you do not need the monitor connected to the Internet, disconnect it or turn it off, in this way you guarantee that you are not being spied on and your family remains calm.

  • Some families suggest that you take the baby to your room, in this way you will always be aware of his movements and you do not need to have a monitor of this type.

The most important thing is always to be informed, to be able to make the best decisions, since unfortunately there are people who enjoy breaking the harmony and generating disorder and fear around them. However, have no doubt that your attention and care will keep your little ones protected despite the bad intentions of others.

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